British actor Keith Allen has hit back at critics of a TV show in which he takes dance drug ecstasy as part of a medical experiment, branding them "insane".
The 59-year-old father of pop star Lily Allen was given pure Mdma during two sessions at a medical unit while scientists measured the effects of the drug on his brain and body.
He was part of a cross-section of society taking part in the experiment for an upcoming U.K. TV documentary, but has been accused of glamourising drug use by agreeing to film the programme.
Allen tells U.K. talk show This Morning, "If you think that I'm glamourising the taking of drugs by spending an hour and 20 minutes for two consecutive Mondays in an Mri scanning machine, then you're insane... There were policemen taking part in it, I think. There were definitely soldiers taking part. It's a very forensic and neurological analysis of the effects of Mdma."