Keith Richards' wild image is a burden.

The Rolling Stones rocker - who is known for his past forays with drugs and alcohol - admits he finds it like a ''ball and chain'' being constantly associated to his younger, more reckless self.

Speaking in his documentary 'Keith Richards: Under the Influence', he said: ''An image is like a ball and chain. When the sun goes down, it won't disappear. My idea of actual heaven is to be a rock and roll star that nobody ever sees - totally anonymous.''

And despite wishing he could move away from his wild image, he feels as though he was given ''license'' to live life on the edge during his career.

He shared previously: ''At the same time, I take it as a privilege to be taken into people's hearts and minds. I feel like I'm doing all these things that they can't do in a 9 to 5 job. In a way they're saying, 'Go ahead, Keith.' They're giving me license ... and I've taken full use of it.''

Of pot, he added: ''It's just a lift. It gives you a slightly different perception of your surroundings. To me, pot is just fun. And I'm glad to see the rest of the country is coming around to my way of seeing things.''