Keith Urban says Nicole Kidman ''liberated'' him.

The 52-year-old country music star has been married to actress Nicole since 2006, and has said meeting the Hollywood star has had a ''big impact'' on his music, as she has introduced him to things he had ''missed'' before.

Speaking to Stellar magazine inside Australia's The Sunday Telegraph newspaper, he said: ''I definitely married up. Isn't that what we're all supposed to be doing?

''Nic's definitely had a big impact on my music in the last five to six years particularly. She had different musical tastes than I did when we met. It really liberated me a lot, introduced me to a lot of music I'd missed. We also find huge common threads in the Aussie music we love, because we grew up at the same time.''

The 'You'll Think of Me' hitmaker has previously been open about Nicole's influence on his music career and his creativity.

Earlier this year, Keith admitted the couple both have ''zero interest'' in trying out each other's fields of expertise, which he says creates a ''harmonious flow'' for them both in their home.

He explained: ''I have zero interest in acting. Nic has zero interest in being a musician. It makes for a harmonious flow in our house.

''But there's no question that Nic has been a huge influence on my creativity, simply for the way she approaches things in such a bold way. Curiosity makes her go toward something regardless of whether she thinks she can do it or not.''

And Keith feels Nicole's approach to life has inspired his own approach to music.

He added: ''As a musician you can try anything that is of interest and I started doing that with Fuse, really as a result of seeing how Nic approaches things.

''My dad would say, 'If you get asked if you can do something, say yes, then learn really quick.' Nic will agree to a project and then go, 'Oh s***. Now I'm going to have to actually work out how to do this.'''