Keke Palmer had ''20 COVID tests every other day'' and went through ''intensive quarantine'' to host the MTV Video Music Awards.

The 'Snack' hitmaker has revealed the gruelling health checks she had to undergo to host the annual music event on Sunday (30.08.20).

Taking to Instagram, she shared: ''I hosted the VMAs! Yes the one with the dystopian world theme. Oh wait, that's reality, no theme necessary! Haha ... you guys, I have no idea how any of this was pulled off. I'm sure you all know how hard it is to work during a pandemic, the amount of hoops we had to keep jumping through translates into taking over 20 COVID tests every other day and intensive quarantine for myself and my whole team! There were so many amazing acts that we were excited to see win and have preform but COVID regulations made some things impossible. Understandably so, safety comes first!! (sic)''

And Keke hopes the show brought some lightness and entertainment to everyone at a time where ''things are especially bleak''.

She added: ''I'm still so excited for all the winners and performers and proud of @MTV for caring about the music and still putting on this show! I know it's just entertainment and that can't solve our problems, but when things are especially bleak, I feel sometimes that's what you need the most! It's my favourite part of what I do, the opportunity to provide relief/joy. Thank you for watching ... Again, huge thank you to my team for seeing this through!! I couldn't have gotten through this new system without you @bigbillyclark! Same goes for you @austagram! The state wouldn't have let me do anything if anyone even on my team was slightly under the weather. We saw it happening lol so I thank them all for staying on point and appreciate NYC for letting us show out. (sic)''