‘Nope’ star Keke Palmer is convinced there is definitely intelligent life out there in other parts of the universe.

The 28-year-old actress stars in Jordan Peele’s new sci-fi horror movie which follows the residents of a small town who witness an abnormal event and attempt to capture footage of a UFO - and Keke is adamant she believes in aliens in real life too.

Asked by SFX magazine if she genuinely believes there “something out there?," she replied: “One thousand per cent. Is that a real question, sir? One thousand per cent I think there’s something out there. Absolutely without a doubt.”

However, Keke’s co-star Daniel Kaluuya - who previously appeared in Jordan's horror ‘Get Out’ - isn’t so sure.

When asked the same question, he answered: “I don’t know. Statistically it would make sense - I don’t think we’re the only lifeforms in this universe. There’s a lot of planets and a lot of stars. So when I look at it statistically and I get away from the human being God complex I would think that there would be more people. There must be other things.”

Keke went on to add of ‘Nope’: “Jordan’s films are like art pieces ..

you’re going to see something totally different than I’m going to see.

And that’s what makes it work. We’re in the Peel-ian areas where his work doesn’t have to mean one thing to everybody and that’s what makes it fantastic.”

‘Nope’ is scheduled for release on July 22.