Review of On the Lam Single by Kele Okereke

Kelechukwu Rowland Okereke, or Kele as better known, went solo this year from his hugely successful band Bloc Party. Now releasing the third single from his LP The Boxer, it seems that Kele is still attempting to establish a name for himself within the music scene. Sadly, if anything, On The Lam, is a productive mess that may hinder him as a credible artist.

Kele Okereke On the Lam Single

Whilst Kele must be credited for having a critically successful album, one must wonder why this was even picked for single release. Sounding like something you would hear in a hotel bar on a mid-week night, it hardly does Kele justice for the great talent that he has. The lyrics barely reveal originality or diversity and the production hardly helps the cause either; it all sounds a bit disjointed and dated. It is obvious that Kele is attempting to transgress different genres with influences of electro, house and dub step here, but it just doesn't seem to gel together. Ironically, by trying to create something unique, it all comes across a bit 90s and out-dated.

The song may have appeal in the very early hours of the morning in house clubs across the country, but one would doubt if this would equate into commercial success. Whilst one should praise Kele for putting his neck on the line and experimenting with his sound, especially with such a departure of what one should expect from Bloc Party, this track simply just doesn't work. 'On the Lam' may refer to having a hasty escape or departure; our advice would be to run away from this also.

1.5 / 5

Nima Baniamer

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