British rocker Kele Okereke has written an open letter to Azealia Banks urging the controversial rapper to leak her long-awaited album to end a long-running fight with her record company over the release.

Banks, whose debut single 212 was released in 2011, is frustrated by ongoing delays to her album Broke With Expensive Taste, and in March (14) she urged bosses at her record label Universal to release her from her contract and threatened to leak the disc herself.

Bloc Party frontman Okereke has now reached out to the rapper by writing an article titled "S**ew You All, I'm Still Rooting for Azealia Banks" which has been published on

In the piece, he expresses sympathy for the star and encourages her to take control of her career.

He writes, "We don't know exactly what's happening with Bwet (Broke With Expensive Taste) being delayed as we only have Azealia's word for it, not Universal's, but I do think it's safe to assume that negotiations between Ms Banks and her record label must be frosty, at the least...

"We can see that her leaking of Broke With Expensive Taste is probably her best chance to drum up interest in the record... If she has made a good record it is very possible that she can claw back a decent platform to make another record when the pressure is off."

Okereke closes the message by adding, "If you are reading this babes: Get this record out, make these summer shows the best they can be and then get your head down and start again from scratch. Don't lose heart, you still have it in you."