Kellan Lutz owns a police car.

The 'Expendables 3' actor fulfilled a lifelong dream by splashing out on the vehicle from auction website eBay and enjoys freaking out young people by driving up to them in the blacked-out car.

He said: ''It's been a dream of mine to drive a police interceptor so I bought a used cop car, a retired detective car, on eBay for $6,000.

''It's blacked out; has sidelights; has a CB radio.

''You know that feeling when you feel like a cop's behind you and you get that anxiety? I love giving that feeling... I live in Venice and there's a lot of these side streets where the kids [stand and smoke] So I'll just pull there and it's all blacked out and it's just funny, the feeling that you get to give people because I had that all the time. And I can drive fast.''

Though Kellan, 29, insists he never impersonates a cop, he admits it is ''fun'' having people think he is a police officer.

Speaking to talk show host Conan O'Brien, he added: ''I have my shades and my UFC hat. It has a CB radio; it has a loudspeaker. Obviously I don't impersonate a cop. I just have fun feeling like I do.''

And the 'Twilight Saga' star joked he also has a police uniform.

When the host joked he should get an officer's outfit, he said: ''I have it. I have one. That's for stripping.''