Now that Germany have had their fun with a Tarzan trailer released almost a month ago, it’s time for the UK trailer to cause a stir. In it, Kellan Lutz and Spencer Locke star as Tarzan and Jane Porter, while Trevor St. John plays the evil CEO of Greystroke Energies, John Greystroke.

TarzanTarzan is back in a modern retelling in the legend

There are some updates from the original Edgar Rice Burroughs story; for instance, our jungle heroes - billionaire adventurers – are killed in a plane crash in the 2013 legend, while the movie’s villain is Greystroke, the man who took over the company from Tarzan’s dead parents.

“It’s so contemporary and modern. It’s tough to recreate Tarzan, especially they’ve made so many of them and then Disney made their animated one,” explained Lutz, who plays the adult version of our protagonist, to

Watch the Tarzan trailer right here

“This one’s motion capture which was so much fun to work on. No hair, no makeup. You’re just wearing a Power Ranger suit with taped balls on you and dots on your face with 60 cameras all around you.”

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