Kelly Brook isn't ''worried'' about her weight gain during lockdown.

The 40-year-old star - who previously revealed she had dropped two stone in March - admitted she has gained a few pounds during the coronavirus pandemic, but she has no concerns about her current figure.

She told new! magazine: ''I'm a real foodie and enjoy cooking. I wasn't surprised at all to see my weight creep up a little over the last few weeks.

''[I've gained] a few pounds, but I'm not worried. I know I can lean on the SlimFast 3.2.1. Plan to deal with my weight loss ups and downs, so I can get back on track.

''It's easy and it works. Diets shouldn't be about deprivation - they need to be sustainable after all.''

The model explained she is ''healthy'', and that it's important to remember how unusual the current situation is for everybody.

She added: ''From my point of view, being home all the time is very different to my normal routine, which I've had to adapt to.

''I can't complain - I'm healthy and that's been number one during this period.''

The brunette beauty - who celebrated her 40th birthday in November - recently revealed while she is determined to stay in shape, she doesn't want to turn back the clock.

She said: ''Obviously it's still important for me to look as good as I can. When you're younger everything is a bit easier, isn't it? But now in the morning when I wake up, my lower back hurts a little bit.

''It really hurts in the morning and I need a good walk and a stretch to get going. Honestly, my back kills me.

''I do miss being able to bounce around and not ache and feel pain when I go to the gym, but I wouldn't want to be 20 again, no way.''