Kelly Brook was among the celebrities braving the January chill for the National Television Awards on Wednesday, 22 January, night at London's O2 Arena. The model and occasional actress was a little braver than most with her choice of outfit however, leaving very little to imagination as she ditched her bra and got lots of lovely free publicity along the way.

Kelly Brook NTA's
"Hellos boys!"

Brook wore a black dress with a long seam down the side, showing off her enviable pins, and a pair of strapped, gladiator heels and that's about it really. She may have worn underpants too, but judging by her top half she may have forgone wearing underwear altogether. So, this leaves the question: was this all done as a shameless and to be honest pretty sad attempt at garnering attention? Yes, it probably was.

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Maybe there is a reasonable explanation behind the wardrobe malfunction, but for someone with the amount of red carpet knowhow Brook should have from her long career, you would have thought that her publicist would have at least warned her to wear a bra with the outfit. Hollyoakes actress Jenny Metclalfe also opted to bare some skin in the winter weater, but unlike Kelly she has at least managed to cover up all the appropriate areas, so what must Kelly's reason be for the questionable fashion choice?

Kelly Brook
Bit nippy is it Kelly?

Kelly more than likely had an agenda when she opted to go bra-less to the awards show last night and even more likely is the fact that Kelly doesn't really care about the onslaught of bitchiness that will be thrust her way thanks to the snaps. Speaking for a good majority of men out there, the pictures are appreciated, there's no denying that, but come on Kelly! Show yourself some respect!

Jennifer Metcalfe
Hollyoakes actress Jennifer Metcalfe at least left something to the imagination

Kelly Brook Braless
One more for good measure