Kelly Clarkson felt ''more pressure'' when she was thin as she was constantly shown pictures of women she had to ''compete'' with.

The 'Since U Been Gone' hitmaker admits she found it more difficult in the music industry when she was smaller as she was constantly being compared to other women in magazines.

She said: ''I've had this discussion with many females in the industry. I felt more pressure from people actually when I was thin, when I was really thin and not super healthy because I just was worn out, just working so hard and not keeping healthy habits. But I felt more pressure. It was more of magazines shoved in front of you and, 'This is what you're competing with and we've got to compete with it.' I can't compete with that. That's not even my image. That's not who I am. That's who they are. We're all different and it's okay. I fought more when I was thinner than I do now, because now I just walk in and I just look at them like, 'I dare you to say something. I'm happy in my life. I'll work on me in my time!'''

And the 38-year-old singer praised Adele's ability to be like a ''force'' when she walks in the room.

She added to Glamour magazine: ''Even like you said, with Adele, I saw pictures of her too. I met Adele a long time ago and that girl is like a goddess. I don't care what kind of weight she's holding down; you walk in the room and she's like a force, just physically captivating. If someone wanted to do it for themselves and for their health but that doesn't change how many times I listened to her record.''