What do Kelly Clarkson and JANE AUSTEN have in common? The simple answer – a ring. The Tie It Up singer recently purchased a unique piece of jewellery, which had once belonged to the English author, on auction. Despite shelling out more than £150 000 for the piece, however, she might not be able to take it home, according to BBC News.

Kelly Clarkson, CMA Festival
Apparently Clarkson is taking her style cues from Jane Austen.

This is because the UK government and more specifically culture minister Ed Vaizey has put an export ban on the ring. According to him, the ring – one of only three pieces known to have belonged to the author – is so rare and so precious, that it needs to be kept in the country and preserved as a British national treasure. As such, Vaizey has urged potential UK buyers to come forward. Locals, eager to own the unique piece of jewellery, will have to match Clarkson’s original payment, which came up to £152,450.

Kelly Clarkson, ITV Studios London
But now the singer has run into some trouble.

The ban will only last for two months, until September 30. If no potential buyer has come forward until then, Clarkson will be allowed to travel back to America with the ring. However, the ban also states that if a serious intent to buy the ring off the American singer is demonstrated, then it will have to stay in the UK. The deadline can be extended to December 30 at the very latest.

Kelly Clarkson, VH1 Divas
Potential buyers have until the end of September.