When Kelly Clarkson released her new track 'Run Run Run' ft. John Legend, from her upcoming 'Piece by Piece' album, the 32-year-old singer's fans assumed she was covering Tokio Hotel's, but apparently Clarkson was unaware of this.

Kelly Clarkson
Clarkson didn't realize 'Run Run Run' was a cover of Tokio Hotel's song

When the ballad was initially released it didn't take long for fans to alert Clarkson of the German group's version of 'Run Run Run', but when she finally listened to the song, the 'American Idol' alum took to Twitter to reveal she didn't even realize it existed.

"Wow, just heard @tokiohotel version of Run Run Run! So great! Had never heard that before?! Some fans brought this to my attention," she wrote a couple of days ago.

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In several more posts, Clarkson explained that prior to her release of the song, the only version she had listened to was a piano/vocal that was sent to her by one of the writers around two years ago. "Well, there's 2 versions of a great song," she wrote, before stating she wasn't trying to "disrespect" Tokio Hotel.

"Also, they weren't included as writers of the song because I guess they didn't write it according 2 publishers. Not trying to disrespect them," she said. "It's a bummer that I wasn't given all the information and that it looks like I'm ripping them off because I would never do that 2 any artist."

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Tokio Hotel released their version of 'Run Run Run' in 2014 on their fifth studio album 'Kings of Suburbia'.

Despite the confusion, there is no hard feelings between the pair as Hotel Tokio complimented Clarkson via Twitter shortly after hearing her cover. "Check out the cover version of our song #RunRunRun from the talented @kelly_clarkson and @johnlegend. So flattered!" they wrote.