Kelly Clarkson "never wanted to get married".

The 41-year-old pop star was married to Brandon Blackstock between 2013 and 2021 - but Kelly has now admitted that that she never really planned to tie the knot.

She told PEOPLE: "I never wanted to get married the first time.

"[Brandon] had children, a religious background, and it was important, I think, for him. But I’ve never been that person. Because I’ve been through a couple divorces in my family, I just don’t like to put any weight on it."

Kelly remains open to the idea of meeting someone new.

However, she doesn’t see herself marrying for a second time.

The singer - who has River Rose, nine, and Remington Alexander, seven, with her ex-husband - shared: "It can happen; it doesn’t have to happen. For my kids, I definitely would never even think about it until they’re out of my house."

Kelly has been through an acrimonious split from Brandon in recent years, and she acknowledges that "love is hard".

The 'Miss Independent' hitmaker also believes that "love is not forever".

Kelly explained: "I’ve always known that love is hard.

"For me, love has always come with this elephant in the room of sadness. I’ve known love is not forever. I don’t mean that to sound depressing, but I think we put a lot of pressure on that word.

"Sometimes love is looking at someone and going, ‘This is not good for you. This is not good for me.’ That’s a hard thing to face. But when you do, I think you grow."

Meanwhile, Kelly has also admitted that dating "sucks".

The pop star added: "It’s so awkward. I was single until I was, like, 30, and I forgot how really good at that I am."