While the majority of the 'Star Wars' fandom welcomed the introduction of new star Kelly Marie Tran with 'The Last Jedi', there have been an unfortunate smattering of people who have taken to attacking her online. The trolling has gotten so bad that she's actually removed all posts from one of her social media accounts. 

Kelly Marie Tran at the OscarsKelly Marie Tran at the Oscars

The 29-year-old played the lovable Rose Tico in the last 'Star Wars' movie; an important move for both diversity and the creation of relatable female role models. But not everyone sees her that way. She has allegedly been harassed for months by trolls and that's apparently why she has removed every post from her Instagram page.

The page remains live with no content, but the description on her profile is telling enough. It reads: 'Afraid, but doing it anyway.'

This statement, coupled with a previous post she made about how she 'avoided public social media for a long time purely because [she] was afraid' is exactly what's wrong with social media today. The fact that an up-and-coming star who has burst into Hollywood in such an important franchise is frightened of being attacked online suggests that if anyone's holding back the progression of the movie industry in terms of who they employ it's the viewers.

'I was terrified of being picked apart, off being scrutinized, of being seen', Kelly previously admitted.

Kelly found herself faced with both racist and sexist abuse after 'The Last Jedi'. Even the Wookieepedia fan website was edited to include racist language in its description of her, while alt-right internet personality Paul Ray Ramsey attacked her weight and physical appearance.

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Hopefully, Kelly will be able to return to Instagram soon, for the sake of her fans. For most of her followers, her posts bring a lot of joy on a regular basis.