Kelly Osbourne's dog had to undergo surgery after one of his glands exploded.

The 30-year-old star had to rush her poor pet, Sid, to the veterinary surgery in the middle of the night but is ''grateful'' for discovering why he has been in so much pain.

She wrote on Instagram: ''Truly grateful to my vet for taking such good care of my baby! Sid had a gland that explode in the middle of the night. He needed a minor surgery.

''However terrifying it was to wake up covered in your dogs blood I am beyond grateful that we finally discovered why me he has been in so much pain. The problem although discovered in the most unfortunate way has now been fixed. #OnTheRoadToRecovery (sic)''

Meanwhile, Kelly previously revealed Sid gets special treatment, being fed on the couch whilst Pomeranian Nancy eats on the floor.

Captioning a photograph of Sid eating on top of a gleaming white couch, she wrote: ''#Nancy loves food so much I have to feed #Sid on the couch! She won't leave him alone! (sic)''

And Kelly was said to have bonded with the late Joan Rivers, who she worked with on 'Fashion Police', over their love of pooches and was keen to adopt the late star's prized puppies.

A source said at the time: ''They were so close and really bonded over their love of dogs. Kelly feels caring for them would be a way to keep Joan close.''