Kelly Osbourne's MAC Cosmetics range was inspired by her own style.

The 'Fashion Police' host and her mother Sharon Osbourne have collaborated on a two-part range of eye shadows, lipsticks and skin make-up for the high street retailer, and the 29-year-old star has revealed she was her own biggest inspiration.

Kelly said during an interview with ET Fashion: ''I keep giggling when I say this because I was my inspiration, and I know it's really narcissistic to say.

''But I wanted to stay true to me and the colours I love, but at the same time, kind of slightly tweaking them a bit so they're a bit more for every woman because I know my taste isn't for everyone.

''So I had to leave my ego at the door with this, and really think about it.''

The purple-haired star is known for her fearless love of fashion and bold use of colour, but was still impressed she picked such on-trend shades including lavender and neon pink for the limited-edition line when she was making her choices over a year ago.

She enthused: ''It's insane to me that the colours I picked [initially] - having no idea where the fashion world was going - somehow I was a bit ahead of them with it.

''I was like, 'Wow, I can't believe this actually worked,' and we pulled this off with the colours I wanted to go with.''

While Kelly's products are bright or pastel-coloured, Sharon's looks feature more bronze tones and deep reds hues.

The mother and daughter duo's 26-piece range sold out within hours and the star couldn't have been more proud.

Kelly posted on Twitter: ''Can't believe My @MACcosmetics collection sold out online before the sun even came up today thank you so much for your support I love you guys.''

The line also includes make-up tools, a mineralized face duo, lip pencils, eyeliner and blusher.