Kelly Osbourne has kidnapped her father Ozzy Osbourne's dog to cheer herself up.

The 'Fashion Police' star was left "heartbroken" recently after her five-month-old puppy Noodles had to be put down when it was discovered she had an incurable brain condition, so she has taken her father's pooch Charlie for comfort.

She said: "I've kidnapped my dad's dog, Charlie, this week to cheer myself up! He's so beautiful. He's a rescue dog - half York and half we-don't-know-what - and has loads of energy."

Although Kelly's mother Sharon's dogs don't like Charlie, her own Pomeranian Sid adores the newest mutt.

Writing in her Closer magazine column, Kelly - who has been left devastated by the recent death of her close friend Amy Winehouse - said: "Mum's dogs don't get on with him, but my dog Sid loves him - he doesn't get jealous as he knows nothing would come between us!

"I even sent dad a ransom text saying he'd never see his dog again, but he just responded with 'F**k off!' Haha!"

Last year, Kelly's brother Jack bought her a guard dog, a Doberman she named Blue, to protect her when she moved in to a new apartment in Los Angeles on her own.