Kelly Osbourne wants to "squeeze out" as many children as she can.

The 38-year-old star and her partner Sid Wilson welcomed son Sidney into the world 15 months ago and she's found motherhood to be life-changing so can't wait to have more kids.

She told People magazine: "It's the best adventure I've ever been on. I can't say enough good things about being a mom. It's just changed everything about my life.

"I want as many kids I can squeeze out before it's too late."

The former 'Fashion Police' surprised herself when it came to Sidney's birth because she usually has a low pain threshold, but she focused all her efforts on getting her little boy out because he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.

She said: "I'm such a wimp, I can't handle pain. But [when it came to his birth] it was the weirdest thing, Something came over me and I became a different person. I was just like, OK, let's do this."

"I got him out in four pushes.

"Before we started pushing, he turned and the cord got wrapped around his neck.

"So when we got going, the doctor was like, 'Ok, we're going to have this person and we have to do this quickly.' So I was like, 'Ok, we're doing this, I'm going to get him out and in four pushes he popped out.'"

Kelly was "frightened" people would mock her when she gained weight during her pregnancy so she deliberately "hid" herself away.

She said:"I saw what they did to Jessica Simpson and I thought it was disgusting.

"I was so frightened that would happen to me too that I hid.

"I just didn't want pictures out there. I didn't want to face it, and have people be like, 'Oh she's a moose!' So I just cut the problem out."