Kelly Osbourne will never return to 'Fashion Police'.

The 30-year-old presenter - who quit the sartorial show following ''offensive'' comments made by former co-host Giuliana Rancic - previously suggested she would consider coming back in the future, but now insists her time on the show is done and she had already decided to leave before the row.

She said: ''There's no 'maybe' or 'wait and see'. Regardless of what happened or not, this was my last year.''

Of Giuliana's comments about Zendaya Coleman, she added: ''People are responsible for their own words so I couldn't give a f**k about that.''

Kelly admitted part of the reason why she wanted to leave the show was her desire for some time off, though the death of her beloved co-host Joan Rivers - who died in September 2014 after suffering a cardiac arrest during routine throat surgery - also contributed to her decision.

She explained to Remix magazine: ''I haven't been able to go on family vacations. I worked 52 weeks a year for going on seven years. Five and a half years at 'Fashion Police' and before that with what I was doing before.

''So really I knew whatever decision I made now was going to really reflect what I want to do for the rest of my life. So I took a break...

''You try working with someone that you love and then going back into that same studio. I couldn't, I didn't want to. I was ready to go.''

Kelly also paid tribute to her ''groundbreaking'' friend and her lasting legacy.

She added: ''What people need to remember is that 'Fashion Police' is not Joan Rivers' legacy.

''Joan Rivers' legacy is the fact that because of her, her mouth, her jokes, and her comedy, it is OK for girls like me to say whatever the f**k we want.

''And do you think women like Beyoncé Knowles would be such independent women without women like Joan Rivers? She was groundbreaking, and there will never be another.''