Kelly Osbourne is devastated after having her dog put to sleep.

The 'Fashion Police' host rushed her Pomeranian Noodles to the vet after she suffered a seizure, but was left distraught when scans showed the puppy had an incurable brain defect.

She tweeted: "My poor baby girl Noodles is sick.

"She had a seizure and they don't know why I'm taking her to see a specialist 2 hours away for a brain scan.

"I can't even look at my baby girl with out crying she just looks so sick and helpless.(sic)"

She later added: "Noodles is not going to make it. She was born with a brain defect and I have to put her to sleep today. I'm devastated. I just cant believe it. (sic)"

The tragedy comes weeks after Kelly almost lost another dog, Sid, after he accidentally swallowed some chewing gum, and his condition was only not-life threatening because it was still contained in its wrapper.

Kelly explained: "Poor Sid ate half a packet of chewing gum, last week and I had to rush him to the vet.

"There's Xylitol - a sweetener - in gum, which is the dog equivalent of giving cyanide to humans.

"It causes their blood sugar to drop and shuts down liver functions. He's fine now, but it was traumatic.

"The vet thinks, because he chewed it with the paper on, it didn't go into his system as quickly as it could have, which saved his life."

Last July, the 26-year-old star was left devastated when her new puppy Woody died aged just 14 weeks old from unknown causes.

Kelly - who had split from fiance LUKE WORRALL just weeks before - tweeted at the time: "My life could not get any worse right now I come home to find my dog Woody is dead."