Kelly Osbourne Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

4th December 2015

Quote: "I love her so much. I've been banned from two parks in the area. Because this kid was mean to my niece and I yelled at the child and the child's mother." TV personality Kelly Osbourne is overprotective towards her brother Jack Osbourne's three-year old daughter Pearl.

17th November 2015

Quote: "I'm obsessed with his children. I've been banned from two parks because this kid was mean to my niece and I yelled at the child and the child's mother (reported me)." Kelly Osbourne's protective nature towards brother Jack's daughter Pearl recently landed her in trouble.

17th November 2015

Quote: "He got pretty much let go of every job that he was doing when he got diagnosed and they found out, and it's not their fault. It's because there's not enough information out there, so my brother did come forward and he's doing as much as he can... to raise awareness and educate." Kelly Osbourne reveals her brother Jack found himself virtually unemployable after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

5th August 2015

Quote: "The point she was actually trying to make was that Donald Trump's stance on immigration will only end up hurting the people that Donald Trump was counting on, I think that's what she was trying to say, and one of the things that happens on live television is you're trying to get your point in and you try to hit it and you sometimes step in dog do (sic). It does not make you a racist and sometimes your head works faster than your mouth... and I believe in my heart (Osbourne is not a racist)." Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg defends Kelly Osbourne, who sparked controversy on the Ghost star's U.S. talk show The View on Tuesday (04Aug15) with a comment about Latinos cleaning toilets as she weighed in on Donald Trump's conservative stance on Mexican immigrants in America. Osbourne has since apologised for her bad choice of words.

19th June 2015

Quote: "She is healthy and beautiful and perfect and I never thought that I could love anyone more than I love Pearl and it's possible because it's happened, and I'm so happy for them." Kelly Osbourne is thrilled about the birth of brother Jack's latest child - daughter Andy Rose was born on Saturday (13Jun15). The newborn is little sister to Osbourne and his wife Lisa's first child, three-year-old daughter Pearl.

16th June 2015

Tweet: "I got bit on my neck by a poisonous spider again!!!!" Kelly Osbourne is recovering after another encounter with a dangerous creepy crawlie in Los Angeles.

8th May 2015

Fact: Kelly Osbourne reduced her mum Sharon to tears on her U.S. TV show THE TALK on Friday (08May15) by dressing up as the rock matriarch in honour of America's Mother's Day on Sunday (10May15). The former Fashion Police correspondent borrowed a black pant suit and heels from Sharon Osbourne's wardrobe and donned a short red wig as she strutted out onto the studio floor to pay tribute to her mum and best friend.

8th May 2015

Quote: “When I used to do drugs, I got really f**ked up one time and I bought myself a diamond watch. I thought someone had gifted me the watch until I found a receipt in my pocket. It was $100,000! The battery is dead, but I still have it." Kelly Osbourne on the most foolish thing she died while high.

9th April 2015

Fact: Kelly Osbourne will co-host the MTV Movie Awards pre-show with fellow Brit Jessie J, 13 years after she performed a cover of Madonna's Papa Don't Preach at the event in 2002. Talking about Sunday's (12Apr15) gig at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Osbourne says, "I want to make people feel good, and I want to have fun."

7th April 2015

Quote: "I have to give him major, major, major pros for that. He got the eye thing down really well." Kelly Osbourne liked Justin Bieber's homage to her father Ozzy on U.S. TV show Lip Sync Battle. Bieber mimed along to Ozzy's Crazy Train during a recent taping of the show.

15th March 2015

Tweet: "Dear Mumma, when I think about how much I love you I finally understand what impossible feels like as it is beyond impossible for me to put into words just how much I love (sic). You are not just my mother you are my best-friend, my confidant, my teacher, my perfect rock in a hard place, and my hero. Im the luckiest girl in the world because you are my Mum." Kelly Osbourne pays tribute to her mum, Sharon, on Britain's Mother's Day on Sunday (15Mar15).

11th March 2015

Quote: "You know what, it was the five best working years of my life. I am so grateful for the experience... working with Joan Rivers for five years was incredible. I learned so much and I'm excited for my future. I want to try new things." TV presenter Kelly Osbourne has no regrets after quitting U.S. style commentary show Fashion Police last month (Feb15). The reality TV star departed her role as a co-host of the programme days after threatening to leave over the fall-out following ill-advised remarks her colleague Giuliana Rancic made about her friend Zendaya Coleman's red carpet look at the Oscars.

12th November 2014

Fact: Pop star Fergie has recruited celebrity pals including Kelly Osbourne, comedians Tommy Chong and Chelsea Handler and actor Wilmer Valderrama to make appearances in her new music video for her comeback track L.A.Love (La La). The singer, who gave birth to her son Axl last summer (13), opens the promo in a green bikini, before dancing on a party bus and mingling with her famous friends. The single is her first new solo track since 2006.

30th August 2014

Tweet: "4 the first time in years I got down on my knees & prayed tonight (sic)! I encourage U 2 do the same 4 @Joan_Rivers my grandma (sic)! #inconsolable." Kelly Osbourne is praying her Fashion Police co-star Joan Rivers makes a full recovery from her cardiac and respiratory arrest. Rivers was placed in a medically-induced coma on Thursday (28Aug14). Medics hope to bring her out of the coma this weekend (30-31Aug14).

23rd June 2014

Fact: Reality Tv star Kelly Osbourne has bared her backside in a racy picture posted on In the shot, Osbourne shows off her behind in a lacy red thong.

22nd June 2014

Fact: Seth Green, Kelly Osbourne, Michelle Trachtenberg, Abbie Cornish and Wilmer Valderrama battled stress and tiredness to complete the 24 Hour Plays challenge in Los Angeles on Friday (20Jun14). They were split into groups and given 24 hours to write, produce and perform a 10-minute play.

15th June 2014

Tweet: "Had to go for a run to get my frustration out over the fact I just broke my dad's gift that I spent weeks making! I want to cry!" Kelly Osbourne is upset after suffering a Father's Day (15Jun14) mishap.

3rd June 2014

Quote: "We all spoke about it to different people on the same day, so that's kind of a sign... It's because my brother has grown up so much, I've changed so much, so has my mother, and my father is sober for the first time in his life... and now he is an incredible human being and I think the world deserves to see the side of him that I get to see... I'm really proud of him." The Osbournes are destined to return as reality Tv's first family, according to Kelly Osbourne. The clan is considering a new "catch-up" show, which will follow their exploits since The Osbournes ended in 2005.

18th April 2014

Tweet: "Me and @jaimewinstone finally eternalized our love/friendship with our cross tattoos that symbolize the balance of our friendship!" Kelly Osbourne has cemented her friendship with British actress Jaime Winstone with matching body art.

11th April 2014

Quote: "It's the funniest thing ever. That just really made me giggle. And now, whenever I want to cancel something I'm, 'Oh sorry, I'm busy in 'fat rehab', I can't go.' It's like the stupidest thing ever." Singer/reality Tv personality Kelly Osbourne laughs off rumours she entered a rehab facility to shed extra pounds.

27th March 2014

Quote: "Dad will call me up when my mum's not home and very politely ask, 'Can you order me a pizza please?' I say, 'Dad, you're calling someone to order you a pizza?' He responds in that tone that suggests that I'm the nuts one, saying, 'Yeah!' So I say, 'I'll just bring one over to you,' because I live on the same b**ody street as my parents." Kelly Osbourne plays mother to her rocker dad Ozzy when his wife Sharon is out of town.

25th March 2014

Quote: "In all honesty, I'm getting rid of the ones I got just to p**s off my parents." Kelly Osbourne reveals the real reason for her painful tattoo removal.

16th March 2014

Tweet: "Although Miley C is the true original there are many other people in this world called Miley! I was referring to a girl with bone cancer!!!" Kelly Osbourne explains her "pray for Miley" tweet on Friday (14Mar14) after sending fans of Miley Cyrus into a panic.

7th March 2014

Tweet: "My phone got nicked Thank god I can not only swipe it but see where it is in century city they R lucky I cant be bothered to call the police." Kelly Osbourne becomes the latest celebrity to have her cell snatched.

3rd March 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa and Kelly Osbourne proved they are pals again following their spat last year (13) by posing together for a photograph at Sir Elton John's Oscars party on Sunday (02Mar14).

13th February 2014

Tweet: "I guess the news is out. I'm going to be in Sharknado 2 they asked me & I just could not resist! So excited" Kelly Osbourne confirms her role in the Sharknado sequel.

24th December 2013

Tweet: "I truly love giving people presents its the only thing fun about christmas! I love making people smile! I am definitely winning the award for #WorldsCoolestSister for the christmas gift I got @JackOsbourne!" Kelly Osbourne is a big Christmas gifter.

4th December 2013

Fact: Zoe Saldana, Khloe Kardashian, Kelly Osbourne, Anna Kendrick, Julianne Hough and Samuel L. Jackson were among the stars who turned out to watch Beyonce perform at Los Angeles' Staples Center on Tuesday (03Dec13).

25th November 2013

Tweet: "Celebrating @mileycyrus 21st birthday back stage at the #Amas...! Thank God she is finally legal!" Kelly Osbourne toasts close pal Miley Cyrus' age milestone by sharing a bottle of Champagne and a cupcake with the birthday girl at the American Music Awards on Sunday (24Nov13). The singer/actress marked the big day on Saturday (23Nov13).

28th October 2013

Tweet: "Its hard to celebrate your birthday when Lou Reed sadly passes! what an awfully sad day!" Kelly Osbourne's party plans for her 29th birthday have been overshadowed by the rock legend's death.

13th October 2013

Tweet: "Hanging out onstage with @cher at #TheXFactorUk! I don't get star struck by anyone... I almost weed myself!" Kelly Osbourne meets her heroine Cher while checking out rehearsals for Britain's X Factor, on which her mum Sharon is a judge.

8th October 2013

Tweet: "HappyAnniversary @JackOsbourne & @MrsLisaOsbourne I love you both so much! Lisa You Are My Sister thank you 4 being so amazing to Jack!" Kelly Osbourne offers wedding anniversary greetings to her brother Jack and wife Lisa Stelly, who married last year (12).

5th October 2013

Quote: "It's really weird because it hasn't really sunk in for us. It has for everyone else. We haven't really planned anything or know what we're doing." Kelly Osbourne has yet to start planning her wedding with fiance Matthew Mosshart.

5th October 2013

Quote: "I don't feel whole unless I'm wearing Spanx. I had a bit too much dinner last night, so I double spanked it today." Kelly Osbourne confesses her fashion secret of donning two pairs of the body-shaping undergarments.

4th October 2013

Tweet: "I can't stand cigars they stink I will never understand why men like smoking something that makes them look like they are sucking on a turd!" Kelly Osbourne isn't a fan of cigar smokers.

2nd October 2013

Tweet: "A little confused as to why I'm getting tons of gaga fan hate today wtf (what the f**k) is going on? Why is it that Im (sic) being told to die today?" Kelly Osbourne can't understand why she has been targeted by Lady Gaga devotees.

1st October 2013

Tweet: "ValerieHarper its such a heart warming inspiration every time you hit the dance floor there are very few dry eyes. You are an amazing women (sic)!" Kelly Osbourne pays tribute to cancer patient Valerie Harper as she hits the dance floor on America's Dancing With The Stars.

17th September 2013

Tweet: "In London almost 1am I can't sleep all I am thinking about is my brother JackOsbourne I cant stand that Im not there to support him." Kelly Osbourne is restless as she worries about brother Jack, who has thrown himself into rehearsals for U.S. Tv show Dancing with the Stars after his wife Lisa miscarried their second child last month (Aug13).

16th September 2013

Tweet: "I love you so much I am so proud to be your sister its killing me that Im missing your Dancing debut good luck tonight Wacky!" Kelly Osbourne sends a message of support to her brother Jack ahead of his debut in U.S. Tv contest Dancing With The Stars on Monday (16Sep13).

7th September 2013

Tweet: "I really do think I am the last person on earth to finally have a Facebook Page!" Singer-turned-reality Tv star Kelly Osbourne finally joins the social networking website.

6th September 2013

Tweet: "@MrsLisaOsbourne I love you very much!" Kelly Osbourne sends her brother Jack's wife Lisa some online love after her sister-in-law revealed on Friday (06Sep13) that she recently suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with the couple's second child.

29th August 2013

Tweet: "I can't believe the people that are coming out of the woodwork to ask me for #BlackSabbath tickets!" Kelly Osbourne is being hassled for tickets to see her dad's band.

27th August 2013

Tweet: "I wish ppl (people) would back off @MileyCyrus her red carpet outfit was amazing yes she pushed peoples buttons but she is young & expressing herself... I think people forget that she is an actress! She only played #HannahMontana but she Is @MileyCyrus!" Kelly Osbourne defends Miley Cyrus from critics who have blasted the 20-year-old pop star for her provocative performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (25Aug13).

20th August 2013

Tweet: "Kim Kardashian it was so lovely running into you today at lunch! Your baby is so beautiful I'm lost for words she is a living Doll!" Kelly Osbourne has a run-in with fellow Tv star and new mum Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles on Monday (19Aug13).

8th August 2013

Quote: "He walks around like he doesn't have it - you'd never even know. He's so brave and strong and willing to do anything he can to find a cure. And you know what? I wish I had it instead of him... I wish I could take it away from him." Kelly Osbourne is amazed by the spirit her brother Jack has shown since he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year (12).

31st July 2013

Quote: "In Hollywood people don't realise that you get married for love. They think you get married for attention and I don't want to do that. I don't want to do another reality show." Kelly Osbourne explains why she and fiance Matthew Mosshart are not rushing down the aisle.

17th July 2013

Quote: "We can be in the same room for 24 hours, with no Tv and no distractions, and we'll still have the best time ever. There's no one who makes me laugh the way Matthew does. And we're also big dorks." Kelly Osbourne is never bored with her new fiance Matthew Mosshart.

16th July 2013

Fact: Kelly Osbourne is working on a cookbook with her fiance, vegan pastry chef Matthew Mosshart.

16th July 2013

Tweet: "Thank you so much to everyone for congratulating Matthew & I! We are the happiest couple on earth right now!" Kelly Osbourne thanks fans for their well wishes after announcing she and boyfriend Matthew Mosshart are engaged.

8th July 2013

Tweet: Note to self leave the rock climbing 2 (to) (brother Jack Osbourne) I fell off a cliff into a coral reef my right thigh & a** looks like I have been hit by a bus... I literally can't even sit down." Tv star Kelly Osbourne suffered a nasty accident while on vacation.

5th July 2013

Tweet: "Happy 31st Anniversary Mum & Dad heres to the next 31 year of insane love I adore you both so much!!!!" Kelly Osbourne sends Sharon and Ozzy wedding anniversary greetings on 4 July (13).

2nd July 2013

Tweet: "I'm finally going on holiday!!! On the plane and anticipating heaven!!!! F**k Yeah Most Time off In 3 Years!!" Kelly Osbourne jets off for a well-deserved break.

19th June 2013

Fact: Madonna unveiled her backstage documentary Madonna: The MDNA Tour at the Paris Theatre in New York City on Tuesday night (18Jun13). The film focuses on the singer's successful 2012 world tour. Stars including Kelly Osbourne and Nicky Hilton turned out for the screening.

19th June 2013

Tweet: "finally my name on twitter is my real name @KellyOsbourne it took me years to get the right to use my own name thank you @twitter!!!" Kelly Osbourne is for real on Twitter.

16th June 2013

Tweet: "Somebody got my credit card number and is shopping in Israel." Kelly Osbourne claims she is a victim of identity theft.

14th June 2013

Tweet: "I'm on a plane that has no running water due to a breakout of E. coli in the water! I want off this plane!" Kelly Osbourne is left thirsty on a flight to New York.

11th June 2013

Tweet: "I think the dumbest rumor I ever heard about myself was that Im a satanist!" Kelly Osbourne on silly tabloid gossip.

6th June 2013

Tweet: "My Heart is breaking for #ParisJackson people need to back off and let her be a kid!" Kelly Osbourne has Michael Jackson's daughter in her thoughts after the 15 year old was hospitalised following an apparent suicide attempt on Wednesday (05Jun13).

4th June 2013

Quote: "That was a bit of Bs (bulls**t), that whole thing about my mum moving out. My mum never moved out, she just moved into the new house that they got together and my dad went on tour. The media made that part up. Do you want to speak to your husband after having a 35-year-old argument, again?" Kelly Osbourne insists her father Ozzy and mum Sharon were never officially living apart after the rocker confessed to suffering a drug and alcohol relapse in April (13), days before kicking off a world tour with Black Sabbath.

4th June 2013

Quote: "My father is doing amazing. Today he has 94 days sober and it is incredible to see him bounce back so quickly." Kelly Osbourne is proud of her rocker dad Ozzy for conquering his drink and drug demons once again after suffering a recent relapse.

4th June 2013

Quote: "I can't speak on behalf of anyone but myself, but I can tell you that a lot of these young people in Hollywood, they're fighting a battle that you cannot win... There's only one winner in this battle and that's death. So you have to figure out a way to fight for yourself whether you are willing to or not." Reality Tv star Kelly Osbourne, who grew up in the spotlight, shares her words of wisdom about how to handle life in the media eye with troubled actresses like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes.

4th June 2013

Tweet: "Time for my yearly check ups I'm absolutely dreading going to the dentist! The idea of someones fingers in my mouth freaks me out to no end!" Kelly Osbourne is not looking forward to a trip to the tooth doctor.

25th May 2013

Tweet: "Finally in Vienna after a 7 hour layover in London!" Kelly Osbourne was caught up in the travel chaos in London on Friday (24May13) when a Pakistan International flight from Lahore was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow Airport. The drama led to numerous flight cancellations and left thousands stranded for hours.

23rd May 2013

Tweet: "I can't believe what has happened in Woolwich its beyond appalling! sending prayers & love to the victims family & loved ones! Its bad enough that our soldiers even have to go to war! They should at least be safe when they are in their homeland!" Kelly Osbourne sends her prayers to the family of the British soldier who was beheaded in the streets of Woolwich, London by two men on Wednesday (22May13).

21st May 2013

Tweet: "Woke up feeling sick so I went to the Doctor & I have bronchitis... it sucks I can't stop coughing! I thought I just had allergies!" Tv star Kelly Osbourne was shocked when her doctor diagnosed her with a bout of bronchitis.

17th May 2013

Tweet: "getting work done on my house & one of the builders just walked into my bedroom while i was half naked! my face is so red!" Kelly Osbourne has an embarrassing encounter with a contractor.

7th May 2013

Tweet: "Thank you so much @MarcJacobsIntl for everything last night Matthew & I had the time of our lives!" Kelly Osbourne and her boyfriend had a great time at the Met Gala in New York on Monday (06May13).

6th May 2013

Tweet: "sat with @MileyCyrus while getting my hair done & she is telling me a story about a haunted wig shop being the reason she does not like wigs." Kelly Osbourne alerts Twitter followers to one of pal Cyrus' phobias.

25th April 2013

Tweet: "Praying for the man I just saw get knocked off his motorcycle on Sepulveda! Red asphalt is a hard core thing to see!" Kelly Osbourne sends her thoughts to a biker involved in a serious accident in Los Angeles on Wednesday (24Apr13).

24th April 2013

Tweet: "Happy birthday Pearl I loves you so much!" Kelly Osbourne marks the first birthday of her brother Jack's daughter Pearl on Wednesday (24Apr13).

23rd April 2013

Tweet: "If I read 1 more bulls**t story about my mother and father I'm going to lose my mind!!!! Enough already." Kelly Osbourne is annoyed by tabloid rumours about the state of her parents' marriage. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are said to be living apart as the rocker battles a recent drug and alcohol relapse.

4th April 2013

Tweet: "I know I look young but some of the people I work with have got to stop treating me like I'm 15... I already have a Mum & deserve more respect!" Reality Tv star Kelly Osbourne wants to be taken more seriously.

26th March 2013

Tweet: "Dear #poland paps I love being here & am extremely honored that you even care about me but please don't push/hit me or my fans! Its not ok!" Kelly Osbourne lashes out at the paparazzi in Poland, where she's currently on a promotional tour.

18th March 2013

Fact: Kelly Osbourne has been pictured out and about for the first time since she suffered a terrifying seizure on 7 March (13). The reality Tv star, who collapsed on the set of her show Fashion Police and spent several subsequent days in hospital, was seen visiting a friend's house in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday (17Mar13).

11th March 2013

Tweet: "My life is now like an episode of House = the impending fight against death and the look of fear in everyone's faces!" Kelly Osbourne jokes about her stay in hospital after suffering a seizure on Thursday (07Mar13).

8th March 2013

Tweet: "I want to thank everyone for their concern about @MissKellyO. She's doing fine she's at Cedars (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) and is surrounded by the best doctors & love." Kelly Osbourne's mum Sharon is grateful for fans' support as her daughter recovers after collapsing while filming U.S. reality show Fashion Police in Los Angeles on Thursday (07Mar13).

28th January 2013

Fact: Singer-turned-Tv personality Kelly Osbourne got a red carpet soaking while presenting for America's E! network at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday (27Jan13) after a ladder fell inches away from where she was standing, dumping water down the back of her black designer dress.

27th January 2013

Tweet: "Only I could chip my bloody tooth eating brown rice!!!" Kelly Osbourne suffers a dental mishap hours before taking on red carpet presenting duties at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday (27Jan13).

13th December 2012

Quote: "People think I lost weight and then got happy, but that's not how it works. You have to get happy first. I made a life change, and the weight loss was an amazing perk." Kelly Osbourne insists being content led to her new image.

13th December 2012

Tweet: "its 12/12/12 today i wonder if anything weird will happen...! We are very lucky people this is the last repeated date we will see in our lifetimes!" The magic of 12-12-12 is not lost on Kelly Osbourne.

9th December 2012

Tweet: "Mel Greig and Michael Christian should be put in prison for what they have done!" Kelly Osbourne responds to the news that the British nurse pranked by the Australian Djs during the Duchess of Cambridge's recent hospital stay reportedly committed suicide.

3rd December 2012

Tweet: "Happy birthday Dadda I love you so much! Im so proud of you and to be your daughter. Your (sic) nuts but the best dad in the world!" Kelly Osbourne wishes her father Ozzy a happy birthday as he turns 64.

22nd November 2012

Tweet: "I love it when rocks fall on my head from construction, just got given a $1000 bottle of champagne & flowers from the hotel as an apology!" Kelly Osbourne is well compensated for shoddy building work.

7th November 2012

Tweet: "I am really hoping that people are voting because when the s**t (sic) its the fan and you didn't vote... you have no right to complain!" Kelly Osbourne urges her Twitter followers to vote on America's election day.

2nd November 2012

Tweet: "Every time I see the Brad Pitt Chanel No.5 add I just p**s myself laughing its so #Zoolander!" Kelly Osbourne pokes fun at Pitt's new ad.

2nd November 2012

Tweet: "Done with work so im spending the rest of my day going through my house to collocate everything i dont need to send to the #sandy victims! I have friends that lost everything they own!" Kelly Osbourne is planning to hand out clothes and items she doesn't need to friends in need struggling in the wake of superstorm Sandy.

29th October 2012

Tweet: "Really worried about all my friends on the east coast #HurricaneSandy looks like its getting worse been glued to the news all day!" Kelly Osbourne has New York pals in her thoughts as the storm hits America's East Coast.

29th October 2012

Tweet: "Trying 2 (to) find a nice pic (picture) of me on my birthday but my face is so red in them cause it was so hot in the restaurant I sweat all my make up off. I literally look like iI just ran a marathon in every picture!" Reality star Kelly Osbourne's 28th birthday celebrations in a London eaterie on Saturday (27Oct12) were far too hot for her liking.

29th October 2012

Fact: Reality star Kelly Osbourne celebrated her 28th birthday in London on Saturday (27Oct12) with a costume dinner party. Peaches and Pixie Geldof, model Cara Delevingne and singer Paloma Faith were among the guests who dressed up to attend the bash at Mexican restaurant La Bodega Negra, before heading out for a night of clubbing.

23rd October 2012

Tweet: "I can not believe I turn 28 years old in five days! When I was 18 I thought I know (sic) everything but now I know I still have so much to learn!" Kelly Osbourne contemplates turning 28 later this week (ends26Oct12).

27th September 2012

Tweet: "I see that my nail polish has offended some of you, however I see your point, but it was a once in a lifetime experience... And please forgive me for not regretting it. it made me feel like a queen!" Kelly Osbourne upset her Twitter followers by sporting a $250,000 (£156,250) manicure at the 2012 Emmy Awards on Sunday (23Sep12). Her Azature nail polish featured black diamonds.

25th September 2012

Fact: Reality star Kelly Osbourne was sporting a $250,000 (Gbp156,250) manicure at the 2012 Emmy Awards on Sunday (23Sep12). Her Azature nail polish, which features black diamonds, was released last month (Aug12) and has only been worn by one other person - Jennifer Lopez.

14th September 2012

Tweet: "I feel so sorry for #KateMiddleton it's disgusting what that French mag did to her!" Kelly Osbourne is appalled by the publication of topless photos of British royal the Duchess of Cambridge in French magazine Closer.

11th September 2012

Tweet: "I'm getting a police escort to the @marcjacobs show this is the coolest thing ever!" Kelly Osbourne rides in style to New York Fashion Week.

10th September 2012

Tweet: "picked up what i thought was my water & took the biggest swig of vodka which instantly made me puke what a way to ruin the night! my mouth, throat and stomach are on fire Im starting to think i drank poison the closest thing i can compare it to is nail polish remover!" Kelly Osbourne is not a fan of vodka.

21st August 2012

Tweet: "had to leave the pool because the old pervert was there today he told me he likes watching me sunbathe because i remind him of Betty Grable". Kelly Osbourne encounters an unwanted admirer.

20th August 2012

Tweet: "sorry to be a complainer but this sprained ankle is driving me nuts i cant (sic) do anything by myself!" Kelly Osbourne is struggling to get around after tripping onstage recently while visiting her mum Sharon on the set of America's Got Talent.

8th August 2012

Tweet: "If your in the LA heat wave area please make sure ur animals are kept indoors! 4 of my friends have had to take their dog in for dehydration." Kelly Osbourne offers pet care advice as temperatures soar in Southern California.

26th July 2012

Tweet: "@mrssosbourne mum shut up! Im taken! thanx mum now I get to look forward to death threats from Twilight fans! Amazing". Kelly Osbourne is annoyed her mother Sharon suggested she should date Robert Pattinson following revelations his Twilight co-star and real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders. Sharon Osbourne made the remark on her U.S. TV show The Talk.

12th July 2012

Tweet: "I have never/would never buy a stuffed tiger I am a very serious animal right activist I take great offense to whom ever started this rumor!" Kelly Osbourne is not happy about reports she has invested in a taxidermy item.

27th June 2012

Tweet: "Why do they call it a Wonder Bra? I think its cause when its off you 'wonder' where your boobs went! How is it I was DD at 18 & at 27 Im a B...? Off to the g (gym) maybe my empty sacks of s**t that I call t**s will get even smaller!" Kelly Osbourne is upset about her disappearing breasts.

25th June 2012

Tweet: "Never thought the day would come where my little brother MrJackO showed me how to change a poopy nappy!" Kelly Osbourne is enjoying spending time with her brother Jack and his new baby daughter Pearl.

22nd June 2012

Tweet: "Best family night ever! Nothing like a hug from my little brother." Kelly Osbourne enjoys some quality time with her brother Jack after news of his multiple sclerosis diagnosis emerged on Monday (18Jun12).

21st June 2012

Tweet: "I'm in love and I don't care who knows about it!" Kelly Osbourne gushes about her boyfriend Matthew Mosshart in a post on her page which included a photo of the pair kissing on a night out.

7th June 2012

Tweet: "Im unbelievably shocked/honored to have over 2 million followers in fact it blows my mind thank you for reading all my bulls**t!" Kelly Osbourne is overwhelmed by her love.

28th May 2012

Tweet: "having the best text message conversation with my Dadda! i could just call him but the text are (sic) killing me! FunniestDadOnEarth". Kelly Osbourne gets a laugh from her father Ozzy's odd text messages.

23rd May 2012

Tweet: "I just step in s**t... (sic) I had no shoes on! wow I'm having a great day!" Kelly Osbourne on the joys of being a dog owner.

18th May 2012

Tweet: "I wish I could tell you what I have been working on for the last 2 days! I don't get how it can even be called work its to (sic) fun! Dragtastic". Kelly Osbourne drops hints about a secret new work venture.

10th May 2012

Tweet: "All though I am grateful 4 the gift (sic)! Someone just sent me a purple walking stick! What the f**k do I need with a walking stick?" Reality star Kelly Osbourne receives an unusual gift.

10th May 2012

Quote: "She's the grandmother I never had. I absolutely adore her. I'd do anything for her." Kelly Osbourne on her close friendship with veteran comedienne Joan Rivers, her co-host on TV show Fashion Police.

6th May 2012

Quote: "He's just so happy and he's so good with the baby. It made me realise how badly eventually I want to have children, but it also made me realise I'm not ready yet." TV star Kelly Osbourne insists her brother Jack is taking well to fatherhood following the birth of his daughter Pearl last month (Apr12).

16th April 2012

Tweet: "Today is one weird day someone's ashes just got mistakenly delivered to my apartment! I sent them back right away!" Kelly Osbourne on her Monday morning (16Apr12) mail mix-up.

27th March 2012

Tweet: "I promised my mum I would go through her shoes to send the ones she no longer wears to charity. I'm not even 1/4 way there." Kelly Osbourne has offered to help mother Sharon clean out her closets.

9th March 2012

Tweet: "I keep having this crazy recurring dream where Im (sic) running through a cornfield w/ (with) an uncontrollable nosebleed holding hands w/ Mr Crowley!! what does it all mean?????? the only conclusion i can draw is that #IAmMyFathersDaughter!" Kelly Osbourne keeps dreaming about occultist Aleister Crowley, who her rocker father Ozzy honoured in his 1980 hit Mr. Crowley.

23rd February 2012

Tweet: "So much to do such little time! My dumb a** thought the oscars were next week so I have a weeks worth of catching up to do!" Kelly Osbourne gets her dates mixed up and now has an intensive movie marathon planned.

12th February 2012

Tweet: "In hair & make up getting ready for #TheGrammys #eredcarpet there is a really sad atmosphere down here today!" The death of Whitney Houston is having a huge impact on the Grammy Awards red carpet, according to Kelly Osbourne.

4th February 2012

Quote: "For me, I'm 27, I have three years left to have fun. Once you're 30 you're gonna look like a right idiot walking around with rainbow coloured hair... I'm just having fun." Kelly Osbourne defends her decision to dye her hair grey.

24th January 2012

Quote: "I don't really think rock music is quite appropriate for a wedding." Kelly Osbourne insists her dad Ozzy won't be performing at her brother Jack's upcoming wedding ceremony.

16th January 2012

Tweet: "Shocked at how well behaved Ricky Gervais was tonight. i know its bad but i really wanted him to be more like last year it was brilliant!" Kelly Osbourne wanted a more risque performance from Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais on Sunday (15Jan12).

15th January 2012

Tweet: "I'm genuinely baffled with all this talk on my hair... when have i ever had societies (sic) version of normal hair...? I'm sorry but i think my hair look (sic) amazing! i loooooove it!" Kelly Osbourne loves her new grey hairdo.

12th January 2012

Tweet: "my mum asked me to be her date to the peoples choice awards tonight we are going to have so much fun!" Kelly Osbourne will be hitting the red carpet with her mum Sharon at Wednesday night's (11Jan12) People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

30th December 2011

Tweet: "im so over wearing this cast i cant get my arm through any of the sleeves of my clothes i cant even do my hair ahhhhh its driving me nuts!" Kelly Osbourne is struggling with a cast on her broken wrist.

27th December 2011

Tweet: "It's time 2 (sic) start planing my Nye party! I'm not bring (sic) in the new year in a club full of wasted people so I'm staying home w/ (with) good food/friends!" Kelly Osbourne reveals her New Year's Eve plans.

20th December 2011

Tweet: "Thumbs up!!! My dad took me back 2 (sic) the hospital 2 get my hand re-casted he even picked the colour! Feeling much better!!" Kelly Osbourne updates her fans on her condition after she fractured her left hand in three places following a fall over the weekend (17-18Dec11).

8th December 2011

Tweet: "Just to clarify, and I say this with the greatest of respect, I am not dating Jamie Burke!" Kelly Osbourne politely denies she is dating Sienna Miller and Kate Moss' former boyfriend, male model Jamie Burke.

29th November 2011

Tweet: "4 years is not enough but just think where ever he goes what ever he does he will b known as the man that killed MJ." Kelly Osbourne on Dr. Conrad Murray's sentencing on Tuesday (29Nov11) following his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

23rd November 2011

Tweet: "Can't thank @MissKellyO for the best partyyyy ever! =]]]] i loveeeee you! Let's just say there was a unicorn in the lobby!" Miley Cyrus thanks Kelly Osbourne for planning her wild Tuesday night (22Nov11) birthday bash. Cyrus turned 19 on Wednesday (23Nov11).

23rd November 2011

Tweet: "Oh My God! i just saw a 3d sonogram pic of my brothers baby i cant stop the tears of joy the baby looks perfect!" Kelly Osbourne has been left stunned by the first images of her brother Jack's baby.

11th November 2011

Tweet: "It's 11.11.11 a full moon it seems like the prefect (sic) day for 4 legends to announce so (some) very special news!" Kelly Osbourne teases about Friday's (11Nov11) Black Sabbath press conference in Los Angeles, where her father Ozzy and his old bandmates are expected to announce plans for a reunion tour and album.

9th November 2011

Tweet: "did a little dace (dance) to warm my self up now my head is pounding im not very good at being injured i keep forgetting!!!!" Kelly Osbourne is struggling to adjust after sustaining a nasty injury to her head over the weekend (05-06Nov11).

28th October 2011

Tweet: "I just got sent the most beautiful flowers from Lola and Madonna thank you soooo much!" Madonna and her daughter Lourdes say happy birthday to Material Girl clothing model Kelly Osbourne with flowers.

27th October 2011

Tweet: "think i got sick on the plane my throat is killing me and i sound like a old phone sex operator!" Rock offspring Kelly Osbourne has been left with a hoarse voice as she battles a throat illness.

23rd October 2011

Tweet: "Only I would be the dumb a** that tries to do the running man at an underground rave and falls flat on my face!" Kelly Osbourne was left mortified after her dance routine went awry at a rave.

6th October 2011

Tweet: "just had a panic attack i came home & Sid was not here i freaked out started crying then came to find that my roommate took him to work... if anything ever happened to my dog i would 100 per cent end up in a mental institution i love his little a** so much its sick! my dog is my life!" Kelly Osbourne tweets about her doggy drama.

3rd October 2011

Quote: "I have to admit to you, she's the only girl my brother has brought home, that I've ever actually really liked and not had to pretend to like." Kelly Osbourne is a fan of her brother Jack's new fiancee Lisa Stelly.

3rd October 2011

Tweet: "im steam cleaning my couch due 2 the fact this little dog came over & p**sed on it so then Sid decided 2 do the same thing!" Kelly Osbourne discovers the downside of being a dog lover.

30th September 2011

Quote: "I do suck my thumb... (and) if you don't like a dog in my bed then get outta my bed." Kelly Osbourne sleeps with her thumb in her mouth and her dog by her side.

30th September 2011

Tweet: "Well I guess you're not my little brother anymore I'm so unbeliveably (sic) proud of the man you have become! I'm so happy for you & lisa!" Kelly Osbourne sends her best wishes to her brother Jack, who has become engaged to aspiring actress Lisa Stelly.

23rd September 2011

Tweet: "The longer my hair gets the more I'm starting to look like my dad! Not quite sure if that's a good thing." Kelly Osbourne tweets about her likeness to dad Ozzy.

20th September 2011

Tweet: "Why do i keep reading articles that i have a boyfriend? Im a single lady & to be honest kinda loving it!" Kelly Osbourne is enjoying the single life.

18th September 2011

Tweet: "Had the best girls night w/ @MileyCyrus & @KhloeKardashian lets (sic) just say it was not what i was expecting & i'v (sic) never laughed so hard before!" Kelly Osbourne enjoys partying with her gal pals.

16th September 2011

Tweet: "i have the worst allergies today i cant take it!!! if i sneeze one more time... sneezing so much im losing my voice. i need my voice this weekend cant film the live emmys shows 4 E! w/ a voice like a phone sex operator!" Kelly Osbourne is fighting off illness ahead of Sunday's (18Sep11) Primetime Emmy Awards.

9th September 2011

Tweet: "(I) had 2 throw my shoes away @ the airport because I walked throw (sic) a puddle of someone's blood! It was so nasty! Hope the person is ok though... Apparently someone fell on the escalator! I really do hope he or she is ok there was quite a lot of blood! Why does the weirdest s**t always happen to me? Just realized that the blood is all over my wheelie bag and socks! I need a shower Now!" Kelly Osbourne has a bloody drama at an airport.

25th August 2011

Tweet: "Spending the day with my brothers girlfriend lisa who might I just say is the best gf he has ever had I love her! I mean finally...." Kelly Osbourne approves of her sibling Jack's new girlfriend.

8th August 2011

Tweet: "I just cant believe whats going on in Tottenham people are destroying there (sic) own communities now they really will have nothing its (sic) so sad... reading all of your tweets is braking (sic) my heart! My country is being destroyed by Children... is it wrong to think that the parents of these children should be prosecuted too?" Kelly Osbourne on the weekend (06-07Aug11) riots in Tottenham, north London. More than 210 people have been arrested following the unrest.

3rd August 2011

Tweet: "I got to feel @cocosworld a** today & let me tell you it's 100 per cent real and a force to be reckoned w/ (with)!" Rock offspring Kelly Osbourne insists curvaceous model Nicole 'Coco' Austin's bum is the real deal.

28th July 2011

Tweet: "Any 'friend' of amy's talking 2 the press/tv are not her actual friend's (sic). Her real friends have more dignity then to get $ (money) 2 talk about her!" Kelly Osbourne lashes out at acquaintances of Amy Winehouse who have sold their stories of the star to the press following her death at the weekend (23Jul11).

27th July 2011

Tweet: "Today was the saddest day of my life!" Kelly Osbourne tells fans of her sadness following the funeral of her pal Amy Winehouse on Tuesday (26Jul11).

26th July 2011

Quote: "Why the f**k are you wearing a curtain to the final premiere of your movie - the final premiere? The final Harry Potter movie and this is what you're going to wear?" Kelly Osbourne isn't a fan of Emma Watson's dress sense.

25th July 2011

Tweet: "I miss my friend! im going to be off twitter for a while thank you for all your support! #pray4amy." Grieving Kelly Osbourne is taking a Twitter break while she mourns the death of her close pal Amy Winehouse.

13th July 2011

Tweet: "Really makes me sad that the staff at nobu allowed a man to try and fight me because I asked him to stop slamming his glass on the table!" Kelly Osbourne on her encounter with a rude patron at London restaurant Nobu.

11th July 2011

Tweet: "Oh My God! Just Over 2000 More Followers To Go And I Will Have 1,000,000 I Cant Believe That That Many Ppl (people) Give A S**T What I Have To Say!" Kelly Osbourne is close to hitting a landmark goal.

6th July 2011

Tweet: "I cant believe how much life can change when you put the work in! i just got offered another movie today im so excited! If it all works out that would mean i shot 3 movies in one year! who would have ever thought it?" Kelly Osbourne is excited about another film role.

14th June 2011

Tweet: "My poor baby girl noodles is sick she had a seizure & they don't know why I'm taking her to see a specialist 2 hours away for a brain scan. I can't even look at my baby girl with out crying she just looks so sick and helpless." Kelly Osbourne fears the worst for her pet dog Noodles.

13th June 2011

Tweet: "At the dr (doctor) getting my broken foot taped because I have to do a big photo shoot today and they need me to wear heels. It's gonna hurt to (sic) bad." Kelly Osbourne is hobbling around Hollywood.

9th June 2011

Tweet: "Broken foot + trapped in app (apartment) - cant drive = f**king bored." Kelly Osbourne is struggling at home with an injury.

31st May 2011

Tweet: "i cant take it... i get woken up every single day for the past 2 months by the construction in the apt (apartment) above me!!!!!!" Singer-turned-reality TV star Kelly Osbourne is struggling to get a good night's sleep.

12th May 2011

Tweet: "just got done working out now at @jeffbeacher madhouse rehearsing because im gonna sing tonight! im so excited!!!!!" Kelly Osbourne plans to hit the stage at showman Jeff Beacher's Madhouse in Hollywood on Wednesday night (11May11).

5th May 2011

Tweet: "On the way to vegas with my Mumma @MrsSOsbourne on the A.G.T (America's Got Talent) plane to spent (sic) Mothers day with her. I have the best mum In the world." Kelly Osbourne heads to Sin City for America's Mother's Day (08May11).

22nd April 2011

Tweet: "Looking forward 2 tomorrow my mum & I are finally going through the garage full of the things I left behind when I first moved out seven year (sic) ago!" Kelly Osbourne is set for a trip down memory lane with her mum Sharon.

14th April 2011

Tweet: "Poor noodles is sick too she keeps pooping blood... hopefully the vet will figure out whats causing (it)." Kelly Osbourne's pet is poorly.

13th April 2011

Tweet: "Waiting for my dad to get on Skype so I can talk/see him it feel (sic) like he has been on tour for ages... I really miss him!" Kelly Osbourne misses her rocker dad Ozzy when he's away on the road.

12th April 2011

Tweet: "I Do Not Want A Gastric Band!" Kelly Osbourne slams online reports she's planning on surgery to stay slim.

6th April 2011

Tweet: "I never want to be the prettiest girl in the room but i do want to be the most fun!" Kelly Osbourne promotes herself as a fun friend.

30th March 2011

Tweet: "I wish I looked as good as I do in my shadow in really life. My shadow is so much taller." Kelly Osbourne loves her silhouette.

28th March 2011

Tweet: "I hate my predictive texting so much every time i pluck up the courage 2 send a flirty text it always comes out wrong & makes me look stupid." Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne struggles to flirt via text message.

25th March 2011

Fact: Kelly Osbourne performed as Snow White alongside two little people as the creative director for Hollywood's Beacher's Madhouse preview on Wednesday night (23Mar11). The show took place at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard.

22nd March 2011

Tweet: "I keep seeing all these bulls**t articles written about me supposedly gaining weight.. even if i had it so stupid i mean who cares???? (sic)" Kelly Osbourne is uninterested in gossip about her weight. The TV star lost 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms) following her 2009 stint on Dancing With The Stars.

9th March 2011

Quote: "Mum decided it'd be funny to give a little tug on everyone's hair as we walked past all the tables. We had such a giggle - until she tugged one man and his hair came clean off. Turns out it was a toupe, which she immediately put back on his head and patted before going on her way." Kelly Osbourne reveals her mother Sharon got into trouble at a recent party hosted by Sir Elton John.

9th March 2011

Tweet: "both of the elevators are broken in my building i have to walk up over 20 flights of stairs to get in my apt... Not happy right now!!!!" Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne complains about the faulty elevators in her Los Angeles apartment block.

4th March 2011

Quote: "I don't think I've ever been so nervous to meet someone in my entire life - it's Madonna!" Kelly Osbourne was overwhelmed to meet her idol after signing as the new face of the singer's Material Girl clothing line.

3rd March 2011

Quote: "I don't want to go. I don't know them. Why would you go to someone's wedding you don't know? You'd be wedding crashers but, like, really five star." Kelly Osbourne has shot down reports she'll be among the celebrities attending Britain's royal wedding next month (Apr11).

28th February 2011

Tweet: "Why r 8 year olds allowed 2 have facebook profiles? I really think fb should have some age restrictions and parents need there (sic) heads checked." Kelly Osbourne calls for greater restrictions on social networking sites.

28th February 2011

Quote: "I adore you. I love the way that you dress, I love the way you come on the carpet and you set a standard and don't care what people think. You look beautiful tonight. I am obsessed with you." Kelly Osbourne confesses her love for kooky dresser Helena Bonham Carter during a live segment from the Oscars red carpet on E! News.

22nd February 2011

Tweet: "The toilet over flowed due to a mystery log rider so i spent the last 2 hours walking around my apt (apartment) dry heaving!" Kelly Osbourne had a messy start to Tuesday (22Feb11).

8th February 2011

Tweet: "I just put this zit cream on my face that has sulfur (sic) in it and now my face smells like an egg fart. its making me SICK!" Kelly Osbourne tweets about her smelly anti-acne treatment.

25th January 2011

Fact: Kelly Osbourne has been confirmed as the new face of Madonna's Material Girl clothing line. Ozzy Osbourne's daughter will replace Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen as the range's new model for 2011.

17th January 2011

Fact: Rock offspring Kelly Osbourne was on the red carpet at the Golden Globes on Sunday (16Jan11), as a correspondent for U.S. TV network E!. The daughter of hellraising rocker Ozzy Osbourne gave fashion commentary as the stars arrived for the prizegiving dressed by their favourite designers.

11th January 2011

Tweet: "We are sooooo bored on set they accidentally got us here too early today and we are just sat here doing NOTHING!!!!" Kelly Osbourne on the hardship of being a movie star.

6th January 2011

Tweet: "In early today getting my tattoos covered. I hate sitting still for this long." Kelly Osbourne on the downside of being a tattooed woman.

14th December 2010

Tweet: "Had an amazing weekend of bonding with my castmates we are going to have so much fun filming this movie!" Kelly Osbourne is loving her time shooting new movie SO UNDERCOVER, which also stars Miley Cyrus.

3rd December 2010

Tweet: "Congratulations Dadda on your grammy nomination. I'm so happy for you, if any one deserves it it's you. I love you soooo much!" Kelly Osbourne is delighted her father Ozzy received a Grammy nomination - the rocker is in the running for the Best Hard Rock Performance honour for Scream.

22nd November 2010

Quote: "I really am a strong believer that it's genetic, I really am. I do believe that it's a gene and I think regardless to whether my father was a using drug addict through my teens I would have ended up a drug addict." Kelly Osbourne is convinced she was destined to become addicted to drugs.

5th November 2010

Tweet: "Had the worst nights sleep ever because i kept thinking spiders were crawling all over me thank god the exterminator is coming 2day!!!" Kelly Osbourne is bugged out.

5th November 2010

Tweet: "I know its stupid but is drives me nuts when i see someone wearing a dress/look i have already worn its like find your own sense of style!! it really is a diss in Hwood to wear a dress someone else has already worn because then you get compared it sucks AND i never win. its like wearing a dress to a school dance that every1 tells u u look great in then the popular girl wearing it to prom." Kelly Osbourne sets new style rules for young Hollywood.

3rd November 2010

Tweet: "My heart is breaking for @lilyroseallen my thoughts and prayers are with you!" Kelly Osbourne sends her wishes to singer Lily Allen, who lost her baby at the weekend (30-31Oct10).

29th October 2010

Tweet: "We all dressed up as our celeb obsessions for halloween, it was hilarious! i have never worn so much padding in my life i dressed as coco T, Ice T's amazing wife. It was so much fun i hope i did her sexy bum justice!" Kelly Osbourne dresses up for the Halloween edition of U.S. TV show Fashion Police.

28th October 2010

Quote: "Now he really does think he's a f**king iron man and invincible." Kelly Osbourne on her rocker dad Ozzy Osbourne, who recently discovered he's descended from Romans who survived the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

28th October 2010

Quote: "Even celebrities are feeling the effects. I am getting paid a lot less to do the same things than I used to. And I'm taking work I wouldn't normally do to pay the bills." Kelly Osbourne is working hard in the economic downturn.

28th October 2010

Quote: "I'll never say never about going back to the bad times and the vices. You don't know what will happen in life for you to need a crutch or a shoulder to cry on. But right now I would say no to anything and everything." Kelly Osbourne fears she will one day suffer a relapse after kicking her prescription drug addiction.

6th October 2010

Quote: "It's remarkable. She shows up and does the work... Dancing with the Stars was a jumpstart for her. It was the thing that showed her that her body could change... (and now) she's in a great place." Kelly Osbourne's trainer Sarah Hagaman on her client's 48 pound (21.7 kilograms) weightloss.

5th October 2010

Tweet: "(I'm) about to meet with a dialect coach i have an audition where i have to have a long island accent." Kelly Osbourne plans to test her acting skills to the full.

30th September 2010

Tweet: "I did not want to say anything until it happened but I'm shooting the cover of shape magazine today!!!! I just got done trying all the bikinis on I have never worn one in my life! I had a little tears of joy moment in the bathroom!" Kelly Osbourne's slimline new look has won her the cover shot of top U.S. fitness magazine Shape.

29th September 2010

Quote: "I don't smoke but I do have a cigarette when I wanna have a poo." Kelly Osbourne has cut back on her smoking habit.

29th September 2010

Quote: "She is one of the most amazing women... I've learned so much from her, and, you know what, I would not f**k with her. There is no way... She's so quick and she's got a tongue like razorblades." Kelly Osbourne on working with comedienne Joan Rivers on E! TV show Fashion Police.

29th September 2010

Quote: "When I was a kid she got a home waxing kit and I was the crash test dummy and the wax was so hot that it burned me and she laughed so hard... that she peed herself. I was, like, 13... and I had to go to school with a scab moustache, so now I have a (proper) moustache that I have to wax that I blame my mum for." Kelly Osbourne blames her mother Sharon for her facial hair.

28th September 2010

Tweet: "How is it 110 degrees outside? its almost october!!!!!!" Kelly Osbourne is feeling the heat in Los Angeles. The city has broken it's all-time record high temperature of 112F with a temperature of 113F at 12:15pm local time.

21st September 2010

Tweet: "Why do people think its an insult to say "your only famous because of who you parents are'! no s**t thats a fact not an insult!!!!!" Kelly Osbourne brushes off comments from her critics.

15th September 2010

Tweet: "The @ITSJEREMYSCOTT show was out of this world I sat next to @kanyewest who might I just say is hilarious!!!" Kelly Osbourne has a laugh with Kanye West at New York Fashion Week.

8th September 2010

Tweet: "Really really over paps sitting outside my house! I need to move. I have no privacy they are crossing way too many lines!" Kelly Osbourne hates the celebrity life in Los Angeles.

1st September 2010

Tweet: "I just got a call from the CEO of e (TV network) who told me that yesterdays fashion police was the highest rated 1 hour special they ever had! So happy!" Kelly Osbourne's new style show is a big hit.

26th August 2010

Tweet: "Just got home after such a long day but to be honest it did not for 1 second feel like work because I had the best time ever!" Kelly Osbourne enjoyed her first day on the set of her new movie, Should've Been Romeo.

13th June 2010

Tweet: "My mother and I are wearing matching dresses it's really really funny...! I'm still in the process of making my hair the biggest gayest glamorous up-do possible!" Kelly Osbourne on her preparations for Sunday's (13Jun10) Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles, where the singer and her mum Sharon will share marshalling duties. Another Kelly, former Destiny's Child star Rowland, will headline the festival after the parade.

1st June 2010

Tweet: "Was meant to go back to LA but Now I am on a private plane going to pick up a puppy for my dad this is crazy but extremely f**king cool!" Kelly Osbourne tweets about adding another pooch to the Osbourne family menagerie.

24th April 2010

Quote: "I don't even know what to think! She’s a nutter. I think my dad will probably enjoy it more than anyone else!" Kelly Osbourne is almost speechless about her mother Sharon's plans to turn her breast implants into paperweights for her father Ozzy

17th March 2010

Tweet: "Spent the day going through my garage - tomorrow a van comes to send it all to charity!" Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne is having a clear out.

16th January 2010

Quote: “I lost 25 pounds. I’m now very conscious of what I eat. My brother Jack told me you don’t feel full until 20 minutes after eating. I eat really slowly now.” Kelly Osbourne's stint on U.S. reality show Dancing With The Stars worked wonders for her waistline.

6th January 2010

Tweet: "Dinner was so fun tonight. My mum started a food fight in the restaurant - I have not laughed so hard in ages!" Kelly Osbourne loves nights out with her mother, SHARON.

30th December 2009

Tweet: "You know when you love someone so much it makes you sick? Well, that how I feel about Luke! I am so lucky to have him in my life!" Kelly Osbourne is still loved up with fiance LUKE WORRALL.

24th December 2009

Quote: "I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried. But I refuse to watch what I eat at Christmas, I can't say no to potatoes and gravy." Kelly Osbourne is giving up her diet at Christmas.

24th November 2009

Quote: "I think this is probably the happiest I've ever been in my life and I never thought it would be from dancing... It makes me very vulnerable, it makes me really uncomfortable, it's really challenging because most of the time I don't know what I'm doing." Kelly Osbourne has had a great experience on U.S. talent show Dancing With The Stars.

17th November 2009

Fact: Kelly Osbourne's fiance LUKE WORRALL has dressed up as a woman for the cover of a new magazine. The model dons a blonde wig, red lipstick and a pink silk dress in the photoshoot for Candy, the first fashion publication dedicated to celebrating transvestism.

10th November 2009

Quote: "If I start weighing myself, I will start being like, 'Maybe I shouldn't eat, so I could lose some more.' I would go to that end. I would get obsessed with that fact that I was losing it and I would keep at it. I'm two inches smaller than I was last week. I suddenly have muscles in my stomach that I never had before. It's all hard and it never was like that." Kelly Osbourne is thrilled with the Dancing With The Stars diet.

4th November 2009

Quote: "Mum and Dad got me a new puppy - he's a black Pomeranian the size of a dollar bill. I've named him Sid." Ozzy Osbourne's daughter Kelly Osbourne was delighted with her birthday present from her parents.

2nd November 2009

Quote: "I dislocated my baby toe, but it's not getting in the way anymore. It's fine. It just feels like a bruise." Kelly Osbourne on her painful Dancing With The Stars injury.

30th September 2009

Quote: "I love doing things with my hair, but I had an awful experience recently. I was having it dyed strawberry-blonde and the hairdresser left peroxide in for too long and it began falling out. I was so shocked, I burst out crying." Kelly Osbourne on her hair disasters.

15th September 2009

Quote: "I photograph fat, I know I do." Kelly Osbourne insists she appears bloated in photographs - but not in real life.

4th September 2009

Quote: "It's a constant reminder that sometimes you don't have control over it. It's really scary because if it can happen to someone like him, it can happen to anyone." Kelly Osbourne was shocked by the sudden death of ADAM 'DJ AM' GOLDSTEIN from a suspected drug overdose earlier this month last month (Aug09).

2nd September 2009

Quote: "I said to him at the beginning, 'I'll f**king come after you if you turn 25 and think, 'What the f**k am I doing?' If he pulls that s**t, I'll destroy him." Kelly Osbourne warns fiance LUKE WORRALL not to leave her.

28th August 2009

Quote: "Paris and I met in 2001 at a house party. She was drunk, standing on a table dancing. I noticed her boob kept falling out of her dress and loads of people were taking pictures. They were taking advantage, so I put the sleeve back up on her dress. We've been friends ever since." Kelly Osbourne saved Paris Hilton's blushes.

28th August 2009

Quote: "Hugh Grant was at my table and said: 'I don't even know who you are. Are you on a reality show?' I replied, 'Well I don't know who you are, except you f**ked a prostitute.' Everyone went silent, including his then-girlfriend Jemima Khan, and in the most posh English accent ever, Hugh replied, 'You b**ch!' Mum burst out laughing and then he did. It broke the ice." Kelly Osbourne on her first meeting with the About A Boy actor.

24th April 2009

Quote: "If I wanted to, I could be really skinny, I really could... but I don't wanna be really skinny. I like food and I don't want to be on drugs." Kelly Osbourne.

19th April 2009

Quote: Vegas is way too tacky. Id prefer to get married in London, as I have family and friends here." Kelly Osbourne shoots down rumours she'll wed fiance LUKE WORRALL in Las Vegas.

2nd January 2009

Quote: "I'm not ready to have children yet. I've always wanted them - but not yet. Mum's been trying to get me to have a happy accident for ages. She says, 'Go on, Kelly, just one little baby'." Kelly Osbourne won't become a parent just yet - despite her mum Sharon Osbourne's constant pleas for a grandchild.

24th September 2008

Quote: "She's too skinny to have hair that short. To get away with that, you need to have something soft about your face." Kelly Osbourne isn't a fan of Victoria Beckham's new haircut.

24th June 2008

Quote: "I've read the rumours and personally, it felt like their spat was more like a publicity attempt to make the show more popular - and it worked." Kelly Osbourne is convinced her mother SHARON's reported feud with former The X Factor colleague Dannii Minogue was just a PR stunt.

14th May 2008

Quote: "I walk into a room and my mum will be like, 'Isn't that mine?', and I'll joke, 'I got it from the SHARON OBSOURNE charity shop, and she will say, 'Oh, can I have it back please?' I do sometimes dress my mother and father now, though." Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne on her mother's inspiration for her fashion sense.

20th February 2008

Quote: "I was speaking with Kelly Osbourne the other day. And we were saying how she hasn't changed at all." Amy Winehouse's back-up singer ZALON THOMPSON reveals the troubled star is still down to earth after winning five Grammy Awards.

18th January 2008

Quote: "America is obsessed with physical perfection. In America people thought I was ugly, but I would rather be what they consider ugly than what they consider beautiful. I don't want to be perfect, I want to be an individual." Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne insists she is happy with her imperfections.

16th January 2008

Quote: "It's going to be a ladies' tea party. It's certainly very different." Kelly Osbourne insists her pal Kate Moss' birthday celebration on Wednesday (16Jan08) will be a toned down affair.

17th September 2007

Fact: The Sopranos star Aida Turturro is set to follow Queen Latifah and Kelly Osbourne to prison - she'll play MAMA MORTON in hit musical Chicago on Broadway. Osbourne is currently wowing London audiences as Mama Morton, while Latifah played the role in the 2002 Chicago movie.

6th September 2007

Fact: Kelly Osbourne has landed a job at BBC Radio 1 - she' has been named the host of Sunday evening show Surgery, which is aimed at teenagers. The programme will debut next month (Oct07).

6th March 2007

Quote: "It was murder. Jack had to get his monobrow tweezed, Dad wouldn't wear his shirt and I had an anxiety attack putting my dress on." Kelly Osbourne found getting ready for last month's (FEB07) Oscars ceremony with her father Ozzy and her brother JACK stressful.

29th January 2007

Quote: "In public toilets you don't have to touch anything. A machine gives loo roll and makes birdie noises so you can't hear the person next door break wind. It spoils the fun." Kelly Osbourne is no fan of Japanese technology.

24th January 2007

Quote: "My dad tries to secretly remove it from my mouth when I'm asleep and it makes me freak out." Kelly Osbourne's dad Ozzy wants her to stop sucking her thumb.

24th January 2007

Quote: "Everyone I like is either gay or married." Rock heiress Kelly Osbourne explains why she's unlucky in love.

10th January 2007

Fact: Kelly Osbourne has split with her THE FIELDS rocker boyfriend MATTY DERHAM. The 22-year-old and Derham had been dating for five months.

28th November 2006

Quote: "I'd love to sing with them. I met Mark Owen and my legs went to jelly." Kelly Osbourne is dreaming of the chance to duet with reunited British boy band TAKE THAT.

1st November 2006

Fact: Rock wild child Kelly Osbourne will host coverage when British reality show I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE! returns to screens. The programme pits showbiz contestants against creepy crawlies and wild animals in Australia's outback.

23rd March 2006

Quote: "I just moved out of my parents' house and my mother isn't around to make me eat!" Kelly Osbourne on the secret to her new slimmer figure.

17th March 2006

Quote: "I'm tempted to get the razor and do it. I thought, 'Would that be so bad?'" Kelly Osbourne contemplates a radical new shaved hairstyle.

15th February 2006

Quote: <p>"Each year I get a single rose from my mum saying, 'This is from your one true love.' And it's really stupid." Singer Kelly Osbourne is sick of her mum SHARON's annual Valentine's Day (14FEB06) gesture. </p>

15th February 2006

Quote: <p>"Each year I get a single rose from my mum saying, 'This is from your one true love.' And it's really stupid." Singer Kelly Osbourne is sick of her mum SHARON's annual Valentine's Day (14FEB06) gesture. </p>

27th January 2006

Fact: <p>Singer Kelly Osbourne won a Pomeranian puppy at the Sundance Film Festival after a fierce bidding war with Jason Wahler, the star of MTV reality show LAGUNA BEACH. The new puppy joins her other two dogs - puggle Jazzy (a pug and beagle cross) and Piglet, a bulldog. </p>

23rd December 2005

Quote: <p>"The only person I know who takes longer than me is Lindsay Lohan. We went to a ROLLING STONES show during Fashion Week and she changed, like, 15 times." Kelly Osbourne reveals pal Lindsay Lohan is a mess when it comes to picking the right outfit. </p>

18th November 2005

Fact: <p>Kelly Osbourne celebrated her 21st birthday in style last week (12NOV05) by treating 50 pals to an Agent Provocateur lingerie fashion show in Las Vegas, Nevada. </p>

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