Kelly Rowland is pregnant! Unlike other celebrity pregnancies, the news came straight from the source this time, with the singer posting a photo on her Instagram of a baby-sized pair of Air Jordans. Aw, isn’t that the cutest product placement you’ve ever heard of?

Kelly Rowland
Congrats on the baby. And the general awesomeness.

It’s been a whirlwind year for Rowland and her longtime beau, Tim Witherspoon, who  just tied the knot a month ago. The couple celebrated their love with an intimate ceremony in Costa Rica on May 9.

Kelly also recently released a new single, The Game, as part of Pepsi’s World Cup visual album. The album features Rowland, alongside the likes of Janelle Monae, Rita Ora and Idris Elba, of all people, and includes audio and visual contributions, centered around the theme of, y’know, the Game. Also collaboration and togetherness, etc. 

Kelly Rowland, Billboard Awards
Rowland's latest musical endeavour is the World Cup-themed album Beats of the Beautiful Game.

Back to the point, though - there will be a baby. Prepare for a flood of bump photos and Rowland in cute pregnancy wear, probably. Rowland made the new announcement in the cutest way possible – with a pair of baby Airs, next to Tim’s own pair, along with the caption: “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy…” (The line is actually a reference to the Birdman and Lil Wayne song Stuntin’ Like My Daddy.)

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…And every heart on the Internet just melted.