Kelly Rowland doesn’t want low-rise jeans to come back into fashion.

The 39-year-old singer finds it “interesting” that fashion often moves in cycles, with certain pieces coming in and out of style as the years go by, but has insisted the one design she would like to see buried forever is low-rise jeans.

She said: "It's interesting how fashion just continues to turn and evolve. It’s modernised in such a way to where it makes it interesting all over again to our generation.”

And then added of her least favourite jean cut: "I don't want that to come back because high-waisted jeans make me so happy. I feel like high-waisted jeans just look good on everybody's body types, and those low-waisted jeans, they just gave me a lot of pressure. So, I'm OK without those.”

Kelly is collaborating with JustFab for a new clothing collection as the brand’s new global face, and has said she’s eager to make sure “comfort” comes before anything else when creating her pieces.

She explained: "Comfort first. I actually went to one specific rack in my closet, and it was all cosy sets because I just didn't want to think, you know what I mean?

“I was keeping the house up, and it was so much to think about. I still wanted to be cute, but I wanted to basically have my wardrobe think for me.”

And the former Destiny’s Child star is also keen to make sure women feel “seen and heard” through her clothing ventures.

Speaking to POPSUGAR, she said: "Women reflect every single piece that we have in this line. To be able to feel seen and heard like that is so important to myself. Just having those moments with women, I just think that we're more powerful than we know."