Kelly Rowland has only just welcomed her first child into the world, but it's nonetheless a sad time for the singer as she says farewell to her mother, Doris Rowland Garrison, who passed away aged 66 on Tuesday (December 2nd 2014).

Kelly Rowland at Feldmar Watch Company
Kelly Rowland only recently gave birth to son Titan Jewell

A grief-stricken Kelly Rowland spread the news of her mother's passing this week, which occurred just four days before Doris was due to celebrate her 67th birthday. It seems the singer will face a Christmas of mixed emotions; not being able to spend it with her mother, but still having the opportunity to introduce her 1 month old son Titan Jewell Weatherspoon to his first festivities.

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Following Doris' death at her home in Atlanta, Kelly told the Associated Press that her mother was 'an incredible soul who made countless sacrifices so I could become the person I am today.' And while Doris didn't live to see her impending birthday, it is by the grace of God that she was around to witness the birth of her grandson who was welcomed into the world on November 4th 2014 by Kelly and her manager husband Tim Weatherspoon.

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Doris is also the mother of Kelly's brother Orlando, and the pair were raised solely by her following her separation from husband Christopher Lovett who was regularly abusive and alcohol dependent. Kelly no longer has any contact with her father, and it is unclear whether or not she will seek him out following this tragic news.

No cause of death has yet been announced.