Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio are set to replace L.A Reid and Britney Spears as X-Factor judges. This would not only complete the judging team, but ensure that Simon Cowell is the only male on it – now we see what this whole X-Factor thing was about.

Kelly RowlandPaulina Rubio
Rowland and Rubio - ready for The X-Factor gauntlet

Rowland, of course, has pedigree; she was successful as a judge on the U.K X-Factor, handing out opinions on the eighth season of the talent show. The transition for her should be smooth. Rubio has experience, but not on the same level. She worked on the popular La Voz…Mexico, which shares a similar format. "Rowland was on the highest-rated UK season," a source close to the show tells E! "We have a lot of faith in her as a judge." Hilary Duff, Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole have all been rumoured to return for the show, but they look to have missed out. Cole certainly would be a surprise considering her ill-fated attempt to judge in the U.S. Production on the next season of 'The X Factor' begins on Tuesday.

Simon CowellSimon Cowell - What's he up to?

In other X-Factor news, the long-running partnership with Talk Talk has been extended. Over in the U.K, the internet and phone company have become synonymous with the show, and have signed up for more. While the show has gone from averaging 15.5m viewers to 11m for the final, the figures are still impressive.