Kelly Rutherford feels like her children's ''voices have not been heard.''

The former 'Gossip Girl' star, who has been embroiled in a bitter international custody battle with German ex-husband Daniel Giersch over their son Hermes, eight, and daughter Helena, six, since their split in 2008 and was forced to allow them to return to his home in Monaco after a court hearing in New York on Tuesday (11.08.15), thinks there needs to be better laws in place to protect them and other children in similar positions.

The 46-year-old actress said: ''You're being vocal not only for your children -- this is happening to so many people. I have people stopping me on the streets, writing me letters, sending me envelopes of their cases... There needs to be laws in place. You're setting the kids up for a problem, the parents up for a problem. I shouldn't have to fight this in a foreign court.

The hearing was held earlier this week after Kelly refused to fly her children back to Monaco last week, as previously agreed, and Daniel, whose U.S. visa was revoked a few years ago, accused her of child abduction.

But she told 'Good Morning America': ''He was in communication with them every day. You know, I talked to my lawyers, they were saying, this is concerning on many levels.

''I walked into a courtroom where everything felt like it was already done. It was a done deal. And his mother was sitting there with plane tickets, smiling, ready to take them. Nobody had heard our argument.''

The actress previously branded Judge Ellen Gesmer's recent ruling ''shocking, illegal and abusive'' and accused her of breaking the law by ordering her to send her children, who were both born in America, back to Monaco.