The former Gossip Girl actress fought a bitter battle for three years with her ex-husband Daniel Giersch to return their two children to the U.S. from his base in Monaco, and she was finally awarded temporary legal and physical custody of the kids last month (May15).

Rutherford is still waiting for son Hermes, eight, and five-year-old daughter Helena to return after a legal technicality delayed the move, but she is convinced she only won the case because of her high profile, which sparked an online petition signed by 100,000 supporters, including her famous pals.

Asked if she relied on star power to help sway the case in her favour, Rutherford tells the New York Daily News, "I've had no other choice. I don't know how people do it that don't have that... It's been so incredible, because whatever anyone wants to say about anyone, they are, the people out there (who signed the petition are) like the Ed Westwicks of the world, the Kris Jenners, the Kim Kardashians. It's powerful."