Kendall Jenner has been hailed as the "biggest fashion icon" in the world.

The model and reality star will launch a limited-time 72 hour capsule collection with German online retailer About You on July 25 - with a second planned for later this year - and she's been praised by those involved.

Donald Schneider - who is founder and creative director of Berlin's Donald Schneider Studio, and masterminded the collaboration for About You - told WWD: "She is probably the biggest fashion icon and model there is right now.

"With her 174 million followers, her personality and her fashion style, she is a unique inspiration for the younger generation."

The retailer is focusing on a digital-only campaign with a heavy emphasis on Instagram, and they're keen to create a sense of intrigue for the collection.

About You's director of content Julian Jansen added: "Our goal is to create a hype, a fear of missing out — so we are spending 70 percent of the media budget on the teaser phase and 30 percent on the launch phase."

The collection - with 11 styles landing this month - has been inspired by Kendall's style and favourite pieces, with each one numbered and featuring a special code including her November 3 birthday.

Schneider added: "From our first talks on, it was all about authenticity. We wanted to keep it all natural and real.”