Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga would appear not to have broken up after all, despite reports over the weekend that they had gone their separate ways after she had not attended the rapper’s recent 26th birthday party.

Though reports had emerged suggesting that the 18 year old reality star and her boyfriend had split up last week and that she was “planning to erase him from her memory”, Kylie and Tyga arrived at the American Music Awards together on Sunday night (November 22nd) in Los Angeles.

Kylie Jenner TygaKylie Jenner and Tyga photographed together in September 2015

Jenner was there to present Nicki Minaj with her award for best rap / hip-hop album, and although they notably didn’t sit together – she opted to sit next to Gigi Hadid and her sister Kendall - Tyga was seen standing and applauding his apparently ex-girlfriend. However, they were then spotted holding hands on the way to Justin Bieber’s afterparty at celebrity hotspot The Nice Guy.

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An unnamed source had told various news outlets just two days before that the couple had split up after just over a year of dating because of something that Tyga was alleged to have done.

“She's caught him lying and talking to other girls behind her back before, and this was the last straw,” multiple outlets were told, adding that Jenner “feels super betrayed and is just so pissed off, damaged and hurt about it.”

Though neither of them has publicly commented about their relationship status, Kylie seemed to tease her fans with a Snapchat pic on Saturday of her holding hands with an unseen person, but whose arms bore what looked like Tyga’s tattoos. The caption read “everyone needs to chill”.

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