With the forthcoming release of supernatural horror 'Ouija', the cast were joined at Hollywood Cemetery by some fellow TV and movie stars at a special screening. Though this wasn't any normal  screening, as what soon followed was a spine-chilling night of paranormal drama.

Olivia Cooke and Ana Coto in 'Ouija'
Olivia Cooke [L] and Ana Coto [R] star in 'Ouija'

Olivia Cooke, Bianca A. Santos, Shelley Hennig, Daren Kagasoff and Ana Coto got involved in a real life séance on October 10th 2014 in support of their new movie, which sees their characters suffering the consequences of a spirit's unrest during a similar ritual. Also at the event were Nickelodeon actor and musician Kendall Schmidt, who had been spreading the word over Twitter; 'The Walking Dead' star Emily Kinney; and Ryan Ochoa from Disney XD's 'Pair of Kings' among others. Leading the proceedings was famed magician Rob Zabrecky, who acted as the spirit medium - and a very spooky one at that!

Watch the Ouija social seance here:

After introducing himself and bringing a candle, spirit board and a book of questions to the table, the séance began. He read out questions that had been submitted over Twitter, thanks to the likes of Kendall Schmidt who had posted an appeal to his followers to join in on the event. What followed in response to the queries (among which were 'Can you touch the physical world?' and 'How are you feeling right now?') was a series of unexplained activity in the room, from water glasses breaking, books flying off the shelf and the table shaking. When Emily Kinney asks the question 'Where's Beth?' (a popularly suggested question on Twitter regarding 'The Walking Dead' series 5), the presence seemingly proceeded to manipulate the spirit board with the answer: 'No Spoilers'. Ryan Ochea and Kendall Schmidt also had their questions answered.

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Having been named Stage Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts in both 2011 and 2012, Zabrecky has been serving as a medium at Magic Castle's Houdini Séance Room in LA. However, magic and mystery is a far cry from his previous career ventures, which include fronting the 90s rock band Possum Dixon as well as a handful of small-time acting roles in TV, film and theater.

Douglas Smith, Olivia Cooke and Ana Coto in 'Ouija'
[L-R] Douglas Smith, Olivia Cooke and Ana Coto hold their own seance in 'Ouija'

And while we're talking new career choices, 'Ouija' marks Ana Coto's first big venture into acting as Sarah Morris - one of the youngsters in the film who are forced to hold a séance in their home when  their friend Debbie is found dead in mysterious circumstances. Unfortunately for them, the spirit in their house is a lot less friendly than the one at Hollywood Cemetery.

The movie is set to hit theaters this Friday (October 24th 2014).

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