Kendra Wilkinson's dog farted in her face.

The reality TV star was settling down for a sleep and her pet pooch Martini jumped on the bed to join her.

But Kendra's hopes of a peaceful slumber were ruined by the gaseous mutt when she let rip by her head.

The sexy blonde wrote on her twitter page: "Finally ... Nap time! And just as I'm layin down my dog farts in my face again. Goodnight :) (sic)"

Following the unexpected flatulence, Kendra then ejected her dog from her bedroom.

However, she still couldn't get to sleep because her husband Hank Baskett then decided he was in the mood for lovemaking.

Kendra - who has a two-year-old son Hank Jr. with her football player spouse - tweeted: "Henry Baskett u horny devil. I just wanna go to sleep. Damnit. Well ok. Hahahahahahaha.

"It's called Late night hour with Kendra time. I'll be back to conservative in the morning. ;). K goodnight now for realz. Had some wine lol (sic)"

It seems her dogs' gas is a regular problem for the family.

Kendra - who previously dated Hugh Hefner - tweeted earlier yesterday (12.01.11): "Laying here in bed with @TheHankBaskett trying to nap but the dogs keep farting. (sic)"