Kendra Wilkinson and her husband keep their relationship spicy by regularly massaging each other.

The former Playboy bunny created a ''love candy kit'' for her and Hank Baskett - who she has been married to for three years - to help keep the pair's marriage feeling sexy, and they particularly find massages ''really help'' relieve tension after a tough day at work.

She said: ''Massages really get the blood flowing and it really helps. And after a long day, everyone wants a massage. I mean, who doesn't want a massage?

''I did create a love candy kit and it has everything we need. We love to massage each other and the massage oil is so amazing.''

Kendra - who has a two-year-old son, Hank Jr. - moved out of Playboy Mansion, which is owned by her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner, in 2008, and she insists thinking about the iconic house is just like thinking about her time at school.

She added to HollywoodLife: ''I am just a completely different person now. I am still really good friends with Hef, but thinking about the Mansion is like thinking about high school.

''I just like to keep the past behind and carry my friendships with me through my life, and that's Hef. Everything else, I would leave behind.''