Kendra Wilkinson is impressed with Britney Spears for releasing untouched photographs.

The former Playboy model has applauded the 'Womanizer' star for allowing her flaws to be scrutinised by the public after releasing pictures from a recent Candies advert in order to highlight the pressure there is on women to look perfect.

The reality TV star wrote on her Twitter page: "I might do that too hahahahaha..scary!!! (sic)

"On my show, i show the untouched all the time..i love bein real n showin my flaws. (sic)"

Britney unveiled the before-and-after pictures, in which she wore a Pink swimming costume and high heels, even though there were a number of noticeable differences between them.

In the airbrushed images her waist and legs were slimmed down and her bottom was shrunk in order to sell the product for the fashion firm.

Kendra - who gave birth to her first son, Hank Randell Baskett IV, four months ago - has previously spoken about how, unlike Britney, she is body conscious and no longer comfortable with her figure.

Speaking about watching her American footballer husband Hank Baskett play football, she said: "Even though I was excited that Hank's team won The Game and that they were in the playoffs, I was still depressed. I know it doesn't make any sense, but I was feeling unattractive and my friends being there just made it worse... because they are so hot. I was just feeling really emotional. I felt jealous. I felt insecure. I felt sad."