Kendra Wilkinson says sex toys have helped keep her marriage exciting.

The former Playboy model uses X-rated aids to spice up her bedroom activities with Hank Baskett, her husband of three years, and to ''keep things alive'' when he's away.

The busty blonde - who has a two-year-old son Hank Jr. with her spouse - confessed: ''Some women need that extra help from BOD - battery operated buddy.

''When my husband's gone for a couple of days, I have to keep things alive down there, I'm all about it!''

Kendra believes it's very important to experiment sexually once you're married and to continue to learn more about your own sexuality and your partner's.

The 27-year-old reality star has developed her own range of lingerie and sex toys with Love Candy and she is confident the products can Spark even the most stagnant libidos into action.

She explained: ''I think it's very important to add fun things to the bedroom, especially when you're married, it takes a lot more creativity to get things started.

''I decided to make this Love Candy line and it really helped things with my husband.''

Kendra moved out of the Playboy Mansion and bid farewell to her lover, legendary lothario Hugh Hefner, in 2008 and his other two live-in girlfriends Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt - who starred with her in the E! reality TV show 'Girls Next Door'.