Kendra Wilkinson will honeymoon on a private island because she wants to be able to walk around naked.

The former Playboy Playmate - who is set to wed American football star Hank Baskett on Saturday (27.06.09) - is looking forward to relaxing in the secluded spot as no-one will be able to see her.

She explained: "We're keeping the honeymoon destination a secret. It's a private island, I want to be able to walk around naked if I want and not have paparazzos!"

Kendra has also revealed she can't wait to tie the knot at the Playboy mansion, the home of her ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner.

She said: "I'm so excited! I'm ready to run down the aisle and jump on Hank!"

Kendra recently announced she is expecting her first child with Hank, and admits being pregnant has had a strange effect on her body.

She explained: "I've been craving hot cheese sauce. I'm not afraid to eat. It's so weird. I used to eat all vegetables before I was pregnant, but now I can't even think of vegetables.

"I can't wait to start building the nursery and putting things together."

Although the couple are yet to discover the sex of their baby - which is due on Christmas Day (25.12.09) - they have had their first ultrasound.

Kendra added: "We saw the little baby moving around, having fun and playing. That was the moment that really hit us."