“I pray my d*ck get big as the Eiffel Tower so that I can f*ck the world for 72 hours.”

The words of Kendrick Lamar there: a man who clearly hasn’t considered the physiological consequences of having such an, uh, utensil before getting down on his knees and sending his thoughts skywards. Quite apart from the fact it’d be nigh on impossible to walk around, the foolish rapper would also most likely have to content with suffering a massive hemorrhage anytime he felt even slightly aroused. He’s not thought this through.

That aside though, his new video of ‘Backseat Freestyle’ from last year’s critically acclaimed album good kid, m.A.A.d city is an aesthetically gritty affair that sees Lamar walking around Paris, France as well as his native Compton, California in black and white. Looking generally pretty street, on a few occasions he allows a few scantily clad women to take center stage, jiving about, grinding up against cars, that sort of thing. Standard hip-hop fare then, that is apart from an amusing interlude which sees one fellow getting rather irate at how long his Domino’s pizza order is taking to arrive. From the  size of him you could hardly say that he needs it – that said even he has a way to go to reach the proportions that Lamar seems to so desire for his genitalia. "Martin has a dream" he sings, in reference to Martin Luther-King, before returning to his own "dream". Thank god Martin's was of slightly more magnitude. 

Kendrick Lamar 'Backseat Style'