Big Sean's new track 'Control' was only released on Tuesday but already the rap world is up in arms over guest rapper Kendrick Lamar's 3 minute verse in which he boasts, disses and namechecks other artists in order to make it sound like he's the undisputed big dog.

Kendrick Lamar
The Rap World Replies To Lamar.

Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Pusha T, Drake, A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, NaS, Eminem, Andre 3000 and Meek Millz are not even all the names spat out by Lamar as the rapper compares himself to a King, the Pope and Italian writer/politician Machiavelli. He also adds in Lindsay Lohan, Sir Paul McCartney and Sean Connery for good measure, just in case Hollywood or The Beatles' guitarist ever considers encroaching on his self-anointed rap lordship.

Kendrick Lamar
Lamar Has Thrown A Lyrical Grenade Into The Faces Of Other Rappers.

"I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you n****s/Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you n****s/They dont wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you n--s/What is competition? I'm tryna raise the bar high Who tryna jump and get it?/You better off tryna skydive" raps away Lamar, with his verbal equivalent of a flamethrower.

Big Sean
Big Sean Had His Rap Taken Over By Kendrick Lamar.

Perhaps Lamar had intended to rile his peers, spark a debate, or even kick off a good old-fashioned rap battle. The Twitter responses from others in the industry, especially those who get ticked off by the 26 year-old, are interesting and unpredictable. Big KRIT, who had had the honour of being name-dropped, looks like he's gearing up for some retaliatory lyric-spitting to put Lamar back in his place, tweeting "This is Gladiator Sh*t"...Gotta give the people what they want," Although he wasn't mentioned, Kid Cudi describes Kendrick's contribution to Big Sean's jam as "dope" and reminded the world of what the genre was truly about: "Ur suppose to want to bite the heads of ur opponents. Hip Hop aint about hugs and high fives."

Pusha T
Will Pusha T Launch A Rap Battle?

Mac Miller also sounded as though he relished being challenged in such a creative way and tweeted to let Lamar know he was planning an attack: "If I can't do no more nouns or verbs ima start comin with the wildest adjective bars that anyone has ever heard." "I hear u loud and clear my n****" tweeted Pusha T, with cogs clearly churning to blast back with some volatile verse. Rap master Fabolous simply tweeted at 7am "Any studios open yet?" showing he was itching to get his rhymes rolling back to Lamar.

Mac Millar
Mac Miller Showed That He Was Impressed And Ready To Fight Back.

Considering the furore and cries of "oh no he di-ent" filling the air after 'Control' dropped, it seems like the beast of hip-hop has lain dormant for too long and its practitioners and fans have forgotten that the genre was born from and thrives on competition with your colleagues. Indeed, Diddy decrees: "Hip Hop was born out of competition and raised by battles. This is what Music needs." Your move: EVERYONE else in the rappin' biz.