The UK is set to see the Kendrick Lamar show in full, following occasional appearances in London, including one where he supported Canadian superstar Drake. Lamar’s album good kid, mAAd city is currently the toast of the hip hop community, and is expected to make a huge dent in his native US’ Billboard Charts this coming weekend.

You can see the full list of dates below, but we’re not expecting tickets for the four dates revealed to hang about for long, given the impact he’s likely to have in the next few weeks. The venues he’s playing to in January 2013 all have capacities of between 1500 to 2000 people; we’re pretty sure this means he’ll be back soon after to play a right load of air hangars. Good on him, we’re listening to the album even as we type and, an infatuation with his own penis aside, it’s coming across as a pretty smooth old listen indeed, a little like Kanye’s much vaunted studio proclamations but mixed with something a little more understated.

The impression that Lamar’s debut has made on the public looks like it’s going to fall some way short of beating Taylor Swift to the Billboard albums top spot, but then with projected seven-figure sales predicted for Red, it was always going to be a tall order. Billboard are expecting sales of 220,000 plus to lock him down at second spot however. Those tour dates:

January 2013

Thursday 17th, Manchester, HMV Ritz

Friday 18th, Birmingham, HMV Institute

Saturday 19th, Bristol, O2 Academy

Sunday 20th, London, Indigo2