Yesterday (Nov 9), Kenneth Branagh was officially made Sir Kenneth Branagh, with the actor declaring the day to be the pinnacle of "one hell of a year."

The actor, who first bowed before the Queen after a performance in Hamlet when he was a 19-year-old drama student, took to one knee in front of Her Majesty once again as he has given his knighthood after it was announced during the Queen's birthday honours list in June this year reports The Daily Mail. The actor/director/writer was officially recognised by the Queen for his outstanding services to drama over a career that was spanned more that three decades. 

Throughout his distinguished careers, the Belfast-born thespian has been nominated for five Academy Awards and won three BAFTAs, however he has said that the knighthood knocks all these recognitions out of the water. Known best for his Shakespearean roles, especially Hamlet and Henry V, Branagh also received recognition for his roles on TV as the Swedish detective Wallander, as well as receiving plaudits for his roles behind the camera, for Frankenstein and most recently Thor.

Sir Kenneth, who also made an appearance as Sir Isambard Kingdom Brunel during this years Olympic Opening Ceremony, was joined by his wife Lindsay, brother Bill and sister Joyce as he received the honour from the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Those three will have to come up with one hell of a Christmas present if they want to make his year any better for him.