This is only the latest Kenneth Cole tweet to enrage the masses, but considering the fashion designer used a conflict that has left the Syrian people and scores of refugees in a state of crisis to sell shoes…well, it’s easy to see why the masses are raging again. Read the tweet in question below.

The designer received swift backlash of course, with Twitter users still criticizing his poor decision. One user commented: @kennethcole, step away from Twitter during tragic events. And the Instagram unapology vid didn't help much either.”

She was referring to an instagram video the designer posted hours after his media team made the gaffe. In the video, Cole says: “I’ve always used my platform to provoke dialogue” and plays it off like the tweet was only intended to get people talking about the issue.

One Twitter user responded with the appropriate question: "Hey, @KennethCole, what do you think the chances are that all the people who c*****d on you also wrote their Congressperson about #syria?”

Kenneth Cole, Sundance Institute
The designer is quite good with shoes, but he does occasionally forget how to internet.

The mild Twitter storm continues to unfold at this point, even after Cole (or his media team, more likely) attempted to smooth things over with what some are calling a non-apology. To be fair to the designer, this incident doesn’t really come as a surprise, since he has co-opted several international political and humanitarian crises to advertise his brand. A notable example is his controversial Arab Spring related tweet of 2011, when the designer thought it appropriate to comment on the protests with: “Millions are in uproar in Cairo. Rumor has it they heard our new spring collection is now available online…”

Perhaps the lesson here should be to not rely on entertainment personalities for political commentary.

Kenneth Cole, Kinky Boots Opening
Oh well, we doubt many people rely on Cole for political commentary anyway.