Multi-millionaire country star Kenny Chesney has hinted at the reason why his marriage to Renee Zellweger fell flat - she was unaware of his addiction to laundry. The singer/songwriter has confessed he's obsessed with doing his own laundry and can't go a day without sitting in front of the front-loader. He says, "I've done my own laundry ever since I was a little kid. I mean my mom worked and she was a single, working mother and so, if I was gonna have clean underwear, I had to do it. "Now I'm so particular that I won't let anybody else touch it. "On the road, (I do it) every day. You've got hours to waste... Usually at the venue, arena or wherever we're playing they have a facility. "I'm one of those people who are addicted to laundry. I'm always doing it... My clothes smell really good."