Veteran rocker Kenny Loggins is celebrating after successfully hitting his $85,000 (£50,000) crowdsourcing goal to cover the production costs of his group's new album.

The original Footloose singer/songwriter launched the campaign last month (Jul14), appealing to fans to help fund the Blue Sky Riders' next project.

The band had until 14 August (14) to reach its goal, but members of the public have been so generous, Loggins and his pals have already succeeded in raising the initial amount, and they have now set two new targets to aim for to help with marketing and other promotional plans.

The trio has promised to include a bonus acoustic recording of the track Thank You For Reminding Me if the campaign hits $100,000 (£58,824), while Blue Sky Riders will produce an acoustic version of the whole album if donations rise to $115,000 (£67,647) by their mid-August deadline.

In a thank you message to their Kickstarter supporters, the group writes, "We're so excited we get to make Our record because of You!! Can we keep this going?! If we can raise more money we can do more things: promotion, distribution, marketing, videos...

"If it goes beyond that... well, we're cooking up some fun new opportunities for you to see us play - but more on that later.

"Your energy and generosity has been amazing - please keep it going and help us spread the word (and the music)!"

The campaign had raised more than $92,400 (£54,353) as Wenn went to press, with 10 more days to go.