Country music great Kenny Rogers is considering giving up touring outside of his native America to spend more time with his young boys.

The Lady hitmaker, 74, admits he feels guilty whenever he leaves his fifth wife Wanda Miller and their two sons behind to tour the world and he is keen to stop travelling overseas.

He tells Reuters, "I have identical twin boys that are nine years old (and) I don't like being that far away from them. There is a fine line between being driven and being selfish. I have crossed that line a few times and I don't want to do that to my boys."

However, Rogers will have a few more opportunities to play to international audiences before he packs away his passport - he will hit the stage at the Festival Timitar world music event in Morrocco on Wednesday (26Jun13) and is booked to perform at Britain's legendary Glastonbury festival this weekend (28-30Jun13).