Kerrang! - THE DVD

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Experience a rockin’ selection of the most wanted Kerrang hits

This is the first in what I hope is a long line of KERRANG! DVD's. We all know about the infamous magazine and since the arrival of KERRANG! TV, their compilation CD's. They have managed to pack in some of the best artists and videos aired by KERRANG! TV since its launch in April 2001.

We are treated to a range of musical types including punk rock, nu-metal, Goth, extreme and thrash metal.


I personally have a liking for metal music but find it insulting to have artists such as D12 and Wheatus on what is essentially a DVD for metal lovers. Granted they are talented artists in their own right but KERRANG! readers are not interested in the popular music chart and these songs should be on another compilation.

The DVD has some great bonus sections that take you inside the 2002 KERRANG! Awards. They have included some exclusive footage that couldn't be broadcast in the hour long special on Channel 4. This includes Brian Molko (Placebo) tipping over an alcohol littered table belonging to non other than Raging Speedhorn Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) he also takes it upon himself to give viewers a little something extra at the awards by dragging the KERRANG! Cameraman into the ladies loos! There is also a great picture gallery from the awards to enjoy.

There are some great artists and some great videos but the DVD is a little inconsistent. On one hand you have popular original tracks from well-respected bands with a great video, to pop covers from a chart style band. We also have some rap thrown in by D12 for good measure. Maybe in these times KERRANG! Are suffering some kind of identity crisis but they do seem to have been recently edging too much pop in to the mix for my liking.

Also the DVD editors have confused me a little. I buy music mainly for lyrics and a good back beat, but they deem it OK to have a snake writhing on a topless blonde woman in one video while blocking out some harmless lyrics from the Bloodhound Gang. We have a Parental Advisory on the DVD and quite rightly so. Some images in some videos are a bit strong and freaky but if you are into some of the harder style metal, you have to expect it.

The idea to put some of the most requested videos from the first 2 years of KERRANG! TV is good but some ingredients fall short of a great end product. The DVD will appeal to all kinds of age ranges and as such is a bit too general for my taste. If you want to keep a record of some great metal tracks then I would still advise buying the DVD - just keep hold of the fast forward button on your remote.

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