Kerry Katona has given her fiance permission to have a baby with someone else.

The 43-year-old star - who has five children from previous relationships - doesn't think she will have another child with partner Ryan Mahoney, and while the former Atomic Kitten star thinks she should "be enough", she wouldn't stand in his way if he did want a baby of his own.

She told new! magazine: "I don't want to deprive him - in fact, I've given him a pass and said, 'If this is something you want to pursue, leave me now!'

"I never want someone to not have that feeling of having their child. But I feel like I should be enough for a man.

"Maybe many moons ago I'd have done it for a man, but not anymore. Me and my kids should be enough for Ryan, and actually, I know we are."

Kerry has Molly, 22, and Lilly-Sue, 21, with first husband Brian McFadden, as well as Heidi, 17, and Max, 15, from her marriage to Mark Croft.

She also has youngest daughter Dylan-George, nine, from her relationship with ex-husband George Kay, who died in 2019 aged 39.

She added: "If it's somethinig Ryan wants, I'd consider it. But it's getting to the point where it's now or never.

"I've thought about getting my eggs frozen this summer, as a birthday present for Ryan, then going down the surrogacy route."

She admitted that after Dylan-Jorge spent four days on life support after her difficult birth, she is wary about having a similar experience again.

She explained: "The thought of being pregnant is something I just couldn't go through again.

"I nearly died with DJ, and DJ did die - they had to bring her back. It was so terrifying. What if I'd died giving birth? I couldn't leave my children orphans."

The couple had fertility tests three years ago, with Ryan's sperm count coming back fine, while she had "about six viable eggs".

She said: "Look, I'm in my forties, I've had three periods this month alone. On the other hand, look at Gordon Ramsay's missus Tana - she's 47 and had another baby.

"But I'm not on the pill and I haven't got pregnant in nearly six years - so it's not for want of trying!"