Kerry Katona has installed a bar in her garden.

The 39-year-old singer has been making changes to her home and as she's unlikely to be going on holiday during the summer because of the coronavirus pandemic, she decided to ''make the most'' of her outdoor space.

She said: ''I've even got myself a new bar for my garden - it's called Katonas Bar - and now I feel just like Bet Lynch. Seeing as we'll be spending the majority of the summer in the garden, I might as well make the most of it.''

Kerry - who has five children from previous relationships - has also been on a decluttering mission and got rid of a staggering 20 bags of old clothes that she didn't want any more.

She shared in New! magazine: ''It's been quite a productive week for me - I've managed to sort the whole house out and made it absolutely beautiful. I had 20-odd bin bags of clothes for the charity shop that were just sitting on my floor, so there's a real sense of relief now I've sorted them out.''

Lockdown measures are easing in England over the next few days, but Kerry won't be rushing out to get back to normal life.

She's also urged other people to take a cautious approach.

Kerry said: ''I intend to go about life with as much caution as possible in the coming weeks and months and I hope the public does the same.''

Last month, Kerry - who is in a relationship with fitness trainer Ryan Mahoney - admitted she had been struggling with being confined to her home due to lockdown measures.

She said: ''The truth is, I did have a horrible couple of days feeling incredibly low for various reasons, none of which were helped by the fact we're still in lockdown.

''Just to let you know, I'm feeling much better, though I take things day by day. I have a lot on my plate, what with running a house, homeschooling the kids and taking the financial hit of losing my Easter panto job because of this pandemic. I'm sure many people can relate.''