Kerry Katona has been branded "a moron" by the model Bobby Sabel. The pair both appear in the current Celebrity Big Brother house, but tempers have become frayed and Bobby claims he is unable to have a basic conversation with the former Atomic Kitten singer, reports the UK's Metro newspaper.
Bobby has kept a low profile in the reality show since its premiere last Thursday (18th August 2011), but he vented his anger during a recent visit to the 'diary room', claiming Kerry was driving him "completely insane", adding, "I do not understand how I am meant to have a conversation with Kerry.She says that she can't find a guy because of her status, what status? She's a complete moron!" In a rant mainly focused on the female housemates, Sabel spoke of his disillusionment at the reality show, saying, "I thought that Tara Reid would be the nicest girl.and I thought that I would fancy Amy Childs, but I don't.This place is driving me bonkers".
Bobby, who has modelled for brands including Levi and Swatch, faces eviction from the house on Friday's show along with Kerry Katona and Sally Bercow - the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons.