Kerry Katona is heartbroken because she can't be with her mother after she suffered an angina attack.

The former Atomic Kitten singer is observing social distancing designed to slow the spread of coronavirus and she's devastated she can't be with her mum Sue, who is not leaving the house at all as she's in a high risk category, particularly because her parent has been experiencing panic attacks in the wake of a heart scare last week.

Kerry said: ''My mum Sue is in the 'high risk' category when it comes to Covid-19 so she has to stay indoors for at least three months and is only allowed to open the window to get air.

''Of course she's scared and last week she had an angina attack. She's OK now, thank God, but it's left her having panic attacks and my heart breaks because I can't be with her.''

Kerry - who shares her home with partner Ryan Mahoney and her children from previous relationships, Molly, 18, Lilly-Sue, 17, 13-year-old Heidi, Max, 11, and six-year-old DJ - is doing her best to be in contact with her mother as much as possible and urged others to keep checking in on vulnerable family members.

She added in her column for new! magazine: ''We try to keep her calm by FaceTiming her every day, just us pottering around the house so she can feel part of it.

''Never underestimate the effect this whole situation is having on people's mental health - be aware and check in on your loved ones every day.''

Kerry revealed last week both she and her oldest daughter had suffered symptoms of coronavirus but she's thankful they're on the mend now.

She said: ''My Molly is feeling so much better following her own coronavirus scare and I'm pleased to say I'm doing OK too.

''Now we're just cracking on with life in lockdown... including the dreaded homeschooling. It's bloody hard, isn't it?''

The 39-year-old star has transformed her figure in recent months but it seems she's let her diet slip as she's been indulging in ice cream for breakfast.

She admitted: ''It's easy to find a vice in lockdown - mine is Magnum ice creams.

''I can't stop scoffing them, I'm having one for breakfast every day.''